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Aura Photo - Before & After Potion Intake

These pictures were taken by Progen/Aura Imaging. They recently gave us the opportunity to see the effects of our potions tested on one of their staff members. They use a computer aura imaging program to show the aura before taking the potion and after taking the potion. In the photos, you can see that the woman's aura is bright yellow - and after taking the potion, there is an immediate shift to a vivid purple aura. For purposes of this test, we used Fire of Purpose Potion.



Laboratory Microscope-Photographs Of Our Potions
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Distilled Water
Love Potion #9
Quantum Wealth Potion

You are about to embark on the most exciting experience of your life! You are going to actually "see" energy patterns in water through the process of "Thought-Form Photography!" You will discover that water appears to act as a "liquid tape recorder" that stores energy patterns, much in the same way as your mind stores impression perceived with the five senses.

"Thought Form Photography" made by Dr. David Schweitzer, London.



Our potions are pure frequency/energy infusions. A process of channeling intense energy and sound (toning) into a pure distilled water base infuses them. The potions are powerful tools that carry a particular energy in a way that makes that frequency more accessible on the physical plane. The frequency in the potions creates an energetic field that the physical, emotional and mental bodies then begin to resonate and entrain with. When used with meditation or other self-awareness techniques, they can make the experience more powerful.

As you can see from the "Thought-Form" photographs the frequency is measurable. Alchemical Mage products use only pure distilled water as the carrier for these kinds of energies.

Ingredients: 1 oz pure distilled water - infused with frequency



The Mysterium Sacred Oils are also infused through tonals and pure energetic/kinesthetic infusion. The same care goes into the maintenance and guardianship of these frequencies. The oils are for external use only!

Use of these products, whether internally or externally, allows your body to easily absorb and align with the frequencies they carry. The physical body more easily senses/retains the frequencies because it receives them in a physical form. They have been created by the Council in service to the ascension of planet Earth and in support of the mutation of Earth's inhabitants into Lightbody.

The potions and oils work synergistically with each other. You can use these in any combination that your Spirit directs.

All potions come in one-ounce dropper bottles and all individual oils come in 1-dram bottles.

All of the potions described here are for spiritual use only. These are not medicines and no medicinal use is suggested.