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Alchemical Mage Affiliate Program

If you love our products and would like to recommend them, please sign up for our free Affiliate Program and earn unbelievable 12.5% sales commission!

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•  You don't have a homepage
    but you do have an email address?

Great, because you can refer our potions and other products by simply adding one little line of link code into your emails to all your friends, co-workers and network affiliates, and start earning money.


•  You do have your own homepage?
Perfect. We have text links and a fine selection of banners for you to choose from. Just log in your affiliate interface, copy the code and paste it into your web site, and start earning money.




Alchemical Mage - Potions and other Ascension Tools


Alchemical Mage - Potions and other Ascension Tools


Alchemical Mage - Potions and other Ascension Tools


•  Things you need to know...

  • Alchemical Mage pays you 12.5% commission from the total sales amount - throughout the entire Internet this is the highest percentage ever paid on low price products without a minimum of sales required!
  • Once your are an approved affiliate, you will have your own log-in access to a very detailed online affiliate interface with realtime statistics! See there all your earnings, number of sales, payments, and other helpful statistics - and of course all the information you need to create the links/banners for your web site or email. If you have questions, you are always free to call JJ at 303.326.0924 for help.
  • Let us assume you have our affiliate banner (with your affiliate code) on your website or as text link within your email promotion. Your visitor or email recipient clicks on this link but doesn't buy right away, and instead plans on coming back later. We hold this record for SEVEN (7!) days for you, and if the returning visitor places the order within these 7 days, we still credit the sales commission to your affiliate account!
  • Additionally, as soon as an order has been placed through our affiliate banner on your web site or mailing, you will receive a confirmation email about the sale and your commission amount earned.
  • Alchemical Mage pays out the commissions every 3 months (2 weeks after the end of every quarter), either by check, PayPal or gift certificate (International paid only through PayPal) and if the minimum commission of $25 has not been reached, the amount will roll-over into the next quarter.

  • By law we are required to request a W9 form filled out and signed by you before we can pay out any commissions. Click here to download the W9 form. When we have accepted you as an affiliate please complete and send this form as soon as possible to:
    Alchemical Mage Co.
    PO Box 31645
    Aurora, CO 80041

    or fax it to:

  • In order to guarantee that you receive your commissions you must notify us by updating your affiliate profile, if you change your email or mailing address. Please make sure that your information is always accurate so that you don't miss any commission checks.