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Krzani Azjuura
Azj Transmission Series, Azj Rejuvenation Sessions
and Azj Transcendence Series

Dear Friends,
As this new year continues it is important to build flexibility and expansion into your heart, your systems, and your pictures of reality. The goals are to follow your Spirit with each breath and each step. The hologram is constantly shifting. As it does so, it is important to get your tight places stretched. This means being as flexible and expansive as your Spirit, the Ascension process, and planetary hologram need you to be.

In this year of “Taking a Stand for Love”, we are required to co-create with the vastness of Spirit, the Ascension process, and the dynamic force for change that we know as Love. That requires the ability to receive, hold and co-create with the vast energies that the planet is being bathed in.

The Azj Transmission Series, Azj Rejuvenation Sessions and Azj Transcendence Series are services I offer are part of the planetary programs of the Office of Divine Mother. The non-polarized Light frequencies are direct transmissions from that Office through all of Its vastness to you. They can assist you to prepare more space for the vastness of Divine Love to reside within you.. They can assist our physicality to energetically open and allow more connection with our own vastness and divinity. Having the ability to receive, hold and co-create with the vast energies that the planet is being bathed in, helps us to more easily moving through the world with an open heart. This is very important!

Each service has it’s specific purpose, as well as elements in common. Each service supports you as an embodied Light Worker. Each service supports your multi-dimensional vastness and your mastery.

As the Ascension process continues, let us co-create with these energetic shifts from the Light in the center of our hearts, as we operate from the grounded vastness of being a more effecting Light Worker.

Krzani Azjuura

Azj Rejuvenation Session

I am pleased to announce a new service called the Azj Rejuvenation. I have performed multiple Azj Transmissions on many of you. Each time you receive an Azj Transmission, the pathways receive and carry a huge amount of non-polarized Light frequency. These frequencies carry different encodements. I have noticed that a tune-up for the pathways and systems that carry the Azj frequencies, allows for enhanced conduction. The frequencies move even more smoothly.

Big shifts in the hologram often affect us on levels that we are unaware of. Think of this session as a re-lining of the vessels within you that conduct the Azj frequencies from the Inner Planes of Consciousness (Office of Divine Mother) into the Outer Planes of Manifestation (here). This is a tune-up of the systems and pathways that carry the Azj frequencies.

I recommend this session is for anyone who has had three or more Azj Transmission sessions. Among the results of this session is smoother, clearer reception of the Azj frequencies by rejuvenating the pathways that carry them.

Cost: $88
Pre-requisites: Higher Light Integration and more than three Azj Transmission sessions; Azj Elixir

Krzani Azjuura

Azj Transcendence Series

I conduct the Azj Transmission sessions at the individualized point of embodiment that requests it...you in the here and now. This embodiment. This now point of your incarnational grid.

Please understand that this ascension is taking place across space, time and parallel realities. This now point in this incarnation is only a small portion of your wholeness. All of your incarnational grid is in the state of ascension, not just this point in this incarnation. The entire system is in the state of ascension.

Your Oversoul emanates all of the embodiments across your holographic grid of incarnations. The Azj Transcendence Series is like an Azj Transmission performed at the Oversoul level.

In this series, your Oversoul receives the Azj frequencies. Once the Oversoul is well-saturated with the Azj frequencies, they begin to move into each incarnation along your entire holographic grid of incarnations. This creates the potential for each of your embodiments across dimensions and species to receive the Azj frequencies of non-polarized Light.

During the first two sessions of the series, I create a portal to your Oversoul. I Azj the Oversoul and it becomes filled with the the vast, infinite frequencies of non-polarized Light. Once the Oversoul is completely saturated, It rests in preparation for infusion into all incarnate points. I then create the pathways from your Oversoul to each one of your incarnations. These pathways will carry the Azj frequencies.. Once the pathways are created, your Oversoul and I enter into what I refer to as the Office of Divine Mother Space of All Potential.

The Oversoul and I are unified while I transmit the frequencies from the Oversoul level to each embodiment along your holographic grid of incarnations. This brings all of the levels of you into alignment. During the third and final session, I assess all of the systems and pathways. Your Oversoul and incarnational grid are immersed in the vast Azj frequencies of non-polarized Light. This brings to all systems and incarnations vast Ascension frequencies.
Think of these frequencies as spiritual and energetic nourishment for each of your ascending embodiments.

Just as the Azj Transmission goes deeper and creates more pathways with each session, so does the Azj Transcendence Series. The Azj Transcendence Series can be repeated whenever your Spirit directs.

Cost: $333 (3 sessions) Pre-requisites: Higher Light Integration and one or more Azj Transmission sessions; Azj Elixir


This Summer Solstice June 21st, 2009 I am offering a four session series called Honoring the Planetary Cycles.

The energies of solstices and equinoxes are planetary set points. They are markers that signal physical and energetic change in the relationship between Gaia (the consciousness of planet) and the Sun. Winter Solstice marks the point of the light returning to Earth. After the shortest, darkest night of the year, the light slowly returns the the world. The event is widely celebrated in many cultures on this planet.

On June 21st, I will transmit the Inner Plane and multidimensional levels of Gaia’s own Light frequency. I will do so at each solstice and equinox. Having greater access to these solstice and equinox frequencies, can assist with creating better alignment with Gaia Herself. These frequency transmissions can assist you to co-create with Gaia at a different level.

Being in co-creation with Gaia’s frequencies and consciousness in this way can assist you to:

Feel greater safety and comfort in being more fully embodied while in service here.
Having a fuller connection as you move through the world in day-to-day life, can allow more of your unique presence to ease forward.
Having a more solid, grounded presence can help you sustain yourself as a more effecting Lightworker.

Session Dates:
Summer Solstice June 21, 2009
Autumnal Equinox September 22, 2009
Winter Solstice December 21, 2009
Vernal Equinox March 20, 2010

Series Cost: $222.00
Individual Event Cost: $77.00
Pre-Requisite: Higher Light Integration and Azj Transmission, Azj Elixir

Special Offerings
1. Azj Transmission session $111 (usually $144)+ Honoring the Planetary Cycle Series $200 (usually $222) = $311.

2. Azj Transmission session $111 (usually $144) + Honoring the Planetary Cycle Single Event $55 (usually $77) = $166..

3. Azj Transmission session $111 (usually $144).

If you can’t join us now, feel free to join anytime of year. Enrollment is on-going.

You can contact Krzani at:

19363 Willamette Dr. No. 311
West Linn, OR 97068