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June 2009


Living Mastery is about seeing the Mastery in you as well as those around you. It is about understanding at a cellular level that you are not a victim in your life. It means maintaining your connection to Spirit and following Spirit with each breath and each step. It is about being an affecting Lightworker, not a reactive human, living Heaven.

April 2009

• Azj Transmission Series, Azj Rejuvenation Sessions and Azj Transcendence Series

February 2009

• ENERGIES FOR 2009, “economic stimulus package”, Angelic Attunement, Private Consultations

The year 2009 is under the auspices of Love Elohim. The Flame of Love as Sanctifier shines brightly this year. This is the year to take a stand for love. It is very important to remember to always ask Spirit for "ever expanding capacity with ease and grace" and things will go much more smoothly.


January 2009

• Rising Star sessions with Asharia

Asharia is an instructor at NYU and the first instructor there to teach a lightbody class. Her Living the Lightbody class is groundbreaking.  Asharia has a gift for clarity and manifestation. She has provided a great deal of assistance to Alchemical Mage over the years and  her open heart and humor make her a pleasure to work with.


January 2009

• Time Management for Lightworkers

As a person wakes up and begins to operate in the high dimensions, time in the 3D world can become a problem. Lightworkers often find it difficult to keep track of time, get to appointments on time, and generally have trouble managing time.


November 2007

• Think in Simultaneity, Act Holographically!

We have great news for our customers this month. This newsletter has information on our new products, as well as Zarazaiel Yovel’s information about the energies for 2008.


October 2006

• "Hello World!

In January, Aliyah / Rapture realized that she could no longer hold the physical body. It was time for the embodiment of the Council's final phase program; and the body needed to mutate in a way that she, as an Elohim, did not have the structures to sustain.

August 2006

Do we create our own reality?

I believe we do. The real question is how do we create our own reality? Also, aren’'t we really co-creating our reality with others? We have so many tools in our reality creation toolbox that this newsletter will only deal with one - Telepathic Imaging


May 2006

Price changes effective June 1, 2006

Integration of Emotions

It is with great joy that we come forth this day to share the wonder that you are. We do not come as energy that wishes to be worshiped or put on a pedestal. We wish not to quoted, or have our discourse sifted through, as one would seek a pearl. If we speak with wisdom to your ears, it is because you remember. It is your wisdom, your truth. Within each of lies the Christ code. The remembering of who you are. We are not better, or different or separate. WE ARE ONE.


July 2004

The Liberation Of Chaos

We wish to speak this measurement of time about the concept of chaos and how significant it is right now. We hear your thoughts. We hear your confusion and anger. We feel your fear. You are crying out in doubt, feeling that your lives are out of control. You feel that nothing is real any more so you no longer know how to make decisions, to lay down foundations for the future. read more here...



I’ve given a lot of thought to Mastery over the years — especially regarding how to attain it myself and more importantly see it in others. One of the greatest gifts I have received was watching Tashira Tachi-ren when she worked with people. She had an amazing way of seeing everyone as a Master. Often I would wonder how she was able to see everyone that way. While I think most people are wonderful, there are a few that can drive me crazy. I noticed that when these people were around Tachi they behaved differently. People literally became the Master that she saw in them. read more here...


Reiki - Heal Yourself

Reiki can be learned and practiced by everybody!
All it takes, is the willingness to "heal yourself" and the initiation/s through a Reiki Master.
If desired, everybody with an open heart and an open mind can walk the path of personal growth and self-empowerment until the Reiki Master and Teacher level is reached. read more here...


August 2004

"Green Light" days

One subject occurred to me yesterday when I began thinking about "green light" days. I was having that kind of day. I was cruising with the flow of traffic and life — no red lights to slow me down. It helped remind me that those kinds of days still exist. There are so many days when everything is hectic and it seems impossible to keep caught up (time really is collapsing). As an experiment, I focused on the "green light" experience. read more here...



We all get the feeling that we are "stuck" at times in our growth. There are many reasons for this "feeling" and we must realize that it is, just a feeling and not a reality. It is usually caused by the measurement of outside circumstances over various periods of time. read more here...


Guru Busting

Who do you look to for guidance on your journey? Who do you feel has the answers for you? Who do you look to when attempting to determine if something is "Real" or not? Spiritual teachers? Psychics? Ascended Masters? Channeled entities? Gurus? read more here...