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The Liberation Of Chaos
by Reyna Long


Reyna Long is a channel for The Office of The Christ/ Lord Matreiya. She channels, offers workshops, teaches Quantum healing , and Quantum Energy Repatterning a 5th dimensional healing approach to releasing self sabotaging belief systems. You can reach her through her website onevoicepsychicservices.com






Greetings, masters.

We wish to speak this measurement of time about the concept of chaos and how significant it is right now. We hear your thoughts. We hear your confusion and anger. We feel your fear. You are crying out in doubt, feeling that your lives are out of control. You feel that nothing is real any more so you no longer know how to make decisions, to lay down foundations for the future.

Chaos. Indeed, it does feel like chaos. Never has there been such a time of change-and of tension. Your icons are crumbling, your institutions collapsing and your fears escalating.

All of your pictures of reality are being challenged. Masks, myths and illusions are more present than ever before. Time is collapsing, weather patterns are radically altering, your bodies are mutating and your consciousness transcending.

There is mayhem and madness, laughter and grief, pettiness and courage, anger and hope and fear and excitement. It’s all there, each like a dish taken out of the far recesses of the freezer to grace a buffet. Your polarities, dualities, fragments of ego- self are coalescing before you in order to give you a context of comparison. Within the comparison, you have the opportunity of awareness. Then begins the process of attunement and integration.

In the past, as you lived duality, you created circumstances or relationships to mirror you; enabling you to see. Now you are your own mirror, both the viewer and the view. The dream and the dreamer.

When you came forth this lifetime, you came forth into 3rd dimensional duality. You agreed to play the game of forgetting. The game of duality and separation. You also knew that there was the possibility in this lifetime of the game collapsing. You knew you might have the opportunity to dissolve the game from within the structure of illusion. A game within a game. Believe us when we say you were eager to take on that challenge. There were lines of souls who wanted to be here during these times.

So, let us look more at how the game was constructed Out of the wholeness of all that is, the infinite, sparks of consciousness splintered and divided. From this division, one aspect could look upon the other and feel separate. creating the illusion of being different one from the other .When you look at the color white you see just that…white. However if you look at white light through a prism you begin to see all the wavelengths of color that it is made of. It is why egos were created to make the game richer. Your egos became as varied as red is from blue, green from purple. You could look at another and they appeared different and distinct from you. You forgot you were all made up of the same energy.

You would come forth into a family and a society and be programmed with rules and perspectives and fears and goals. Then you would spend a lifetime not loving yourselves because everything you did was based in those programs. You never felt authentic within your selves. There was part of you that always said this isn’t real. I am more than this. So you would question and grow and turn around and do it again from a different perspective. Well, the game is over. The remembering has begun.

Do ye not see that in order to allow that which is your authentic self to come forth, you must release all that is illusion? All that is not you? All the old pictures of reality, the programs, the beliefs. Of course nothing feels real right now. It is not. You are confused and exhausted because you are shaking the very core of your being. Your D.N.A. is altering; parts of your brain that remember you are God are turning on.

Allow yourself a moment to go into the Chaos- into the void. Feel the contradictions and paradoxes. Feel the variety, the textures and flavors. Look at all of these dualities and polarities and illusions you have created. Isn’t it interesting to see the 3rd dimensional matrix of your lives unravel? Isn’t it amazing to discover what incredible creators you were to make such an intricate game? You even convoluted and fractured the game of dismantling the game! Can you not see how brilliant you are?

Bless this time. dear ones. Bless this chaos. Allow reality to unwind and be ye the child. The more that you release, the more conscious you get the more you will stand as a child new. There is much freedom in this, much liberation. No longer will you sabotage yourselves. No longer will you hold hate for yourselves.

You will be the light that you are.

Ask to see with new eyes. To see beyond your illusions. Call upon us; we will work with you in dream state. We will whisper in your ear when you are frightened. We will send you love when you feel beleaguered. But dear ones, you must ask. We honor each and every one of you. For each, the timing is different. One day you will look upon something and make it real, the next you will not. We know how difficult it is. How much you want to find that one solid piece of reality from which to build on. The truth of it is when you shift from solid to fluid you begin to be the creators you came to be rather than the reactors. Then you begin to create and change matter with thought, affecting the subatomic structure. You become the masters that you are. Blessings.