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Do we create our own reality? I believe we do. The real question is how do we create our own reality? Also, aren''t we really co-creating our reality with others? We have so many tools in our reality creation toolbox that this newsletter will only deal with one - Telepathic Imaging.

We are frequently unaware of one thing that has a huge impact on our reality. That is the concept of telepathic imaging. How we see others and ourselves - and how they see us, will obviously impact what our reality is. Unfortunately, if we telepath a particular behavior at someone, they exhibit that behavior for us - even if our perception is incorrect.

Telepathic imaging can ruin relationships, make our jobs a nightmare and wreak havoc on our family life.

Any telepathic image is a closed system that many times people are unwilling (or don't know how) to change. The same is true if we view ourselves a certain way. Maybe we see ourselves as lacking grace. So we''re constantly tripping and running into things. I speak from experience on this. As a child I was told that I could trip over my own feet - and to this day I have the bumps and bruises to prove that this is true. (Not to mention an incident that''s impossible to describe, but has come to be known in our family as "death by lasagna" - but that's another story.)

Telepathic imaging frequenty manifests in the workplace as employees afraid of their supervisors, when what they are really afraid of is the telepathic image that they carry of people in authority.

Often in relationships and family life, there are people dealing with telepathic images rather than who they are really. One way to tell if you''re dealing with a telepathic image is when someone makes a general statement such as "you're always careless, all teenagers are lazy", or "all men are aggressive". That's a clear sign that instead of seeing the person, you''re dealing with a telepathic image. No one is always a certain way and all men and women don''t behave the same way.

So how do we begin to change telepathic images. First and most importantly, is communication. If we know someone holds a picture of us that''s untrue, we need to be able to speak with him or her about how this makes us feel. If we''re trying to change our picture of someone else, the most important step is awareness that we are interacting with a telepathic image - not the person themselves.

There are also potions that can be helpful. Transpersonal Transformation Potion can help take us into a space where our primary relationship is with Spirit - which can be very useful when trying to see others as they really are. It also releases Karmic structures from our energy fields, so we are not playing out a Karmic interaction in relationship.

The best thing we can do is to always see ourselves and others as Masters. One of the greatest gifts that Tashira Tachi-ren had was the ability to see everyone she interacted with as a Master. Because she held that image so strongly, people had to be Masters in her presence. Mastery Potion can assist with this. Living as the Masters we are all the time and co-creating Heaven on Earth is what it's all about.

Changing our telepathic image of someone can be very difficult, but it is more difficult to change someone's telepathic imaging of us. Anything we do to try to change their picture of us butts up against their closed system, which they feel they need to defend. They can offer us proof that their telepathic image is correct and we are just feeling defensive and unwilling to see negative aspects of ourselves.You will be amazed how your reality can change just by seeing others as Masters and letting go of any telepathic imaging you hold.

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