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December 2007 Newsletter

We have great news for our customers this month. This newsletter has information on our new products, as well as Zarazaiel Yovel’s information about the energies for 2008.

First of all, for so long, many lightworkers have equated spirituality and poverty. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept of creating your own reality. There is a lot of information out now regarding the “Law of Attraction”, which simply means that we will get more of what we are focusing on and giving energy to. So if we get into fear or feelings of lack we create more poverty and lack in our lives.

One of the primary ways in which we can create our own abundance is gratitude. Gratitude helps us keep our focus on the abundance in our lives. The key is having gratitude at a cellular level – not just for what we have, but for what the universe will provide in the future.

I don’t know about you, but my sticking point has always been really feeling gratitude for what is in the future. I easily feel gratitude for what I have – it’s not been so easy to feel gratitude for what I will have.

With that in mind, we asked the Council for a potion that would help bring in gratitude at a cellular level for what we are going to receive as well as for what we have. That potion is now available.

Gratitude Potion: “For money and other resources to flow consistently you must be filled with Gratitude for what you have yet to receive.  It places your consciousness into simultaneity where there is no sense of lack and no struggle. This actively stimulates the flow of resources into your life."  Gratitude Potion works synergistically with Quantum Wealth potion, Manna elixir, and Bounty OilGratitude potion is available for $22”.

Because Gratitude Potion works so well with Quantum Wealth, Manna and Bounty oil, we have created the Gratitude Set. The set contains all three potions and the oil for a total of $77.00. 

You can order the Gratitude Set on our web site or by calling our office at 303-326-0924.

I would also recommend that you look at a new process that was developed by Zarazaiel Yovel and see if it resonates with you. This will also assist you with claiming the abundance that is rightfully part of your life.

The new process is:  Mattir Assurim and prerequisites are a Higher Light Integration and Sacred Body Integration.  Zarazaiel’s Winter Specials are in effect from now through January 18, 2008, so if you need the prerequisites now is a great time to schedule these. For more information on Zarazaiel’s work her contact information is shown below.


Mattir Assurim:
“In the Council’s observation, most Lightworkers are deeply yearning for more flow and freedom in their bodies and lives.  Spirit is requiring us to embrace new levels of freedom.  Among other things it could be an increase in the flow of money and other resources, a new ease of expression, or release from limitation. As we move powerfully into 10th level Lightbody, we will each be required to expand our identities and visions.  In addition, the craving for community and communion will continue to intensify.  It is time for the co-creative work groups to come together.

The Council has asked me to create a new service that uses my Archangelic function of Elegant Metamorphosis to ease the way for these necessary transformations.  I call it Mattir Assurim and it takes three sessions over three weeks to complete.  The first two sessions will be gentle dissolving of the obsolete structures that keep you captive.  Some of these structures have always been with you and others are now revealing themselves at 9th and 10th levels of Lightbody.  The third session is infusion of metamorphic orientations to assist you to transform rapidly and gracefully.”

Prerequisites are Higher Light Integration and Sacred Body Integration.

You will be in a three day cocoon after each of the sessions.  Cost is $333.

To make an appointment for Mattir Assurim contact Krzani at:

Traveling Light
19363 Willamette Drive, #500
West Linn, OR 97068

Zarazaiel has also been kind enough to allow us to publish the Angelic View 2008 in our newsletter.


Angelic View 2008: 
“Think in Simultaneity, Act Holographically”

2008 is under the auspices of Hope Elohim.  The Flame of Love as Redemption shines brightly this year.  The two Wings of the Merkavah most emphasized are the ‘Vision of the Communities of Light’ and the ‘Vision of the Temples of Light’.  This means that you will want to pull in your favorite Light buddies and co-create Something Big.

 It is a highly holographic year, which means that the ability to manifest is very strong.  Pay attention to what you are participating with as Real because you will surely get more of it.  Beware if you have a habit of complaining or processing.  You could get caught it a bad downward spiral.  Let it go.

There will be much more access into transforming reality on a holographic level.  On the micro level everyone affects the hologram with every choice and every reaction.  This is usually an unconscious process.  The macro level is to instill new orientations into the hologram with the intent of changing the basis of the reality.  In other words, co-create Heaven on Earth.  In simultaneity every time is Now and every place is Here.  The more your mind and heart live in simultaneous time and space the easier it will be to be conscious of how you are stimulating the hologram.  As we all switch into simultaneity, the parallel mergers will be very strong.  As Tachi-ren would say, ”It’s High Velocity Fun.”

For you guys who are still floundering around in 9th level Lightbody, remember it is all about surrendering the illusion of control to your Spirit.  It is the resistance that hurts, not the surrender. Come on, let it go and rock and roll!

As we progress into 10th level Lightbody, the intense decensions of Spirit will continue.  It looks like the 10th level avatar abilities described in “What is Lightbody?’ are going to be held back – again.  There is concern about them being both too scary and too likely to evoke inappropriate worshipfulness.

I expect more and more of the Traveling Light Program will manifest this year. I will keep you all posted.  2008 can really be fun!  Allow Hope to guide you to your highest vision.  Follow your Spirit with each breath and each step and be an affecting Lightworker.

Zarazaiel Yovel
Traveling Light


The recommended potions for 2008 are:

Angelic Outreach/Alpha Omega
Essential Evolutionary Encodements - E3
Hope Elohim
Heaven on Earth Oil

We have put together a special set for the 2008 potions. The total price for the 2008 Potion Set is $133.00, which is a 10% saving over the cost if each item were purchased separately.

We have been getting a lot of calls lately from lightworkers wondering what potions would be the best to assist them in dealing with mutational symptoms. The potions that I recommend most often are the first potions that were developed by Angelic Outreach. So, we have developed the Basic Angelic Outreach Set. Think of this set as a mutational first aid kit. These are basics you want to have available for any mutational discomfort you encounter. The Basic Angelic Outreach Set contains: Alignment, Co-Creation, Divine Expression, Fire of Purpose, Magnificence, Mastery and Mystical Articulation all for only $144 - a $10 savings.

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