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Newsletter 01/07/2009


Time Management for Lightworkers

Thoughts for the Day:  "When anger rises, think of the consequences"  Confucius



We found the following article to be very enlightening. It was written by one of our customers and I believe you'll find it extremely helpful.

Time Management for Lightworkers
As a person wakes up and begins to operate in the high dimensions, time in the 3D world can become a problem. Lightworkers often find it difficult to keep track of time, get to appointments on time, and generally have trouble managing time. This makes it difficult to  interact with the 3D world, and can create resistance to fully understanding and using higher dimensional time. As a Lightworker, I have been given the gift of time management in both 3D and higher dimensions, which I would like to share with you.

* Time Management is not about minutes, seconds, or hours.
* It is about visualizing what is happening when we are looking at a clock.

For most Lightworkers, when they are looking at a clock, they are running late. This is a habit developed in childhood as a defense mechanism for dealing with the darker outside world. As this mechanism is no longer needed, Lightworkers can look forward to looking at a clock and being right on time.

Here's how I do it. I make an appointment with someone. I write it in my calendar in pencil. This is important because Lightworkers schedules tend to change a lot. That's not only ok, it's necessary.

Next I imagine a clock, and I imagine it telling me the time of my appointment. Then I picture myself walking into the appointment right on time.

For example, I make a hair appointment at noon on Tuesday. I spend some time in meditation imagining a clock striking noon. At the same time I imagine myself walking into the appointment at noon, right on time. Then I let it go, and continue through my day.

Spend a few moments with your calendar each morning looking through your appointments and imagining clocks and walking in the door on time. Then let it go and go on with your day. With practice, you will find that you will show up where you want to be, exactly when you want to be, no matter what you do in between. I am amazed that some days I get to town in 20 minutes, and some days in 35-40 minutes, but I make it to my appointments on time.

Note that I do not try to figure out how to force myself to be on time. I make the image, and let it go. The Universe will answer with the details.

You must also trust that if you truly are late, it is for a reason. Often the other person is running late as well. You may be delayed, so to prevent you from being in an accident.

Time management is merely another form of energy management. Many other energy management techniques will work equally well with time. Integrity is a key component. If you put out procrastination energy, the Universe will reply in kind. Put out a request to be on time, and listen for the answer, and you'll be surprised.

About the author: Cymber-Marie Conn is a Reiki healer who helps Lightworkers and Sensitives learn to live in both 3D and 5D worlds. She was born clairvoyant with healing hands, and received her Reiki attunement in the Usui lineage on the Big Island of Hawaii. She also works with Lightworkers to help them develop heart-based businesses that support their new needs and purposes. She lives on the Big Island, and can be reached by emailing AlohaCymber@mac.com.

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