About Us


by J.J. Wilson


J.J. is the co-owner of Alchemical Mage. She primarily handles the frequency-based products. She is the guardian of these frequencies. She makes sure that they stay impeccable and in the highest service to the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. J.J.'s essence is the Force of Divine Revelation. She acts as a lens for focusing new Divine Programs into existing holographic structures. As part of her Divine Function, J.J. has developed Mysterium Sacred Oils. The oils are encoded with access into the Divine Mysteries. The recipes, frequencies and encodements for the oils are transmitted from the Council of Ein Soph and various Father Universes through J.J.



As I sit down to write my article for the newsletter, I realize that this would be much easier if I had a cup of coffee. So I go upstairs to make coffee and notice that one of the houseplants has some leaves that need to be trimmed. As I’m trimming these I see that many of the plants could use some water — and I definitely don’t want any of the plants to die. As long as I’m watering the plants I’d better straighten up the kitchen and get the dishes into the dishwasher. Luckily as I was about to clean the refrigerator and the cabinets I got a grip — and figured out I probably couldn’t procrastinate any longer — so here goes…

I’ve given a lot of thought to Mastery over the years — especially regarding how to attain it myself and more importantly see it in others. One of the greatest gifts I have received was watching Tashira Tachi-ren when she worked with people. She had an amazing way of seeing everyone as a Master. Often I would wonder how she was able to see everyone that way. While I think most people are wonderful, there are a few that can drive me crazy. I noticed that when these people were around Tachi they behaved differently. People literally became the Master that she saw in them.

When I look at all the changes that have occurred in me during the last few years, I am aware that much of my growth came about as I more and more became the Master that Tachi saw in me.

I had a wonderful example of how this works just today. We have a neighborhood boy who assists us with our shipping. Lately he has been less than industrious and seemed somewhat bored with his work. Today I needed him to be at his best. I projected a picture of him being capable and the best assistant I could ever have. He was terrific — he got into the spirit of getting the job done by our deadline. We worked together as a team and he literally "kicked butt".

I’m sure that he was living up to my picture of him and what he is capable of. There have been numerous examples of this over the years. Many of my jobs have involved supervision and training. I’ve worked with people that no one else would supervise because they were too difficult. As I saw these people being capable and recognized their mastery, they became the Master that I saw.

I believe that a large part of attaining mastery is being able to see those around us as masters. This applies to everyone from the people we work with, to the clerks we meet in stores. People have to become what we see them as.

I recently worked with a woman who could not figure out why people were always mean and nasty to her. The same people who were mean to her were kind and pleasant to me. She would never believe that the only difference was the picture we held. I’m still striving to see people as Masters 100% of the time, but every day it gets easier and becomes more of a habit. Someday I’ll achieve that 100% mark — and hopefully always see the Mastery in myself at the same time.

Blessings to all of the Masters who are reading this now.