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Reiki - Heal Yourself
by Angela from Denver


Angela has been creating art using various mediums for over 20 years. Since 1998 she has been the creative genius behind our web site, as well as the graphics designer for our catalog and products. Her fire and passion for personal growth and the ascension process inspires us all. Her gift of creating a picture of an energy or frequency helps people to "see" the energy of the products and illuminates the vision of Alchemical Mage.



Reiki is a Japanese word and means "universal life energy".

Rei - universal life energy
Ki - is a part from Rei. It flows through everything, it is also our vital life energy

Ki is known as "Chi" by Chinese, as "Light" by the Christians, as "Prana" by the Hindus, or as cosmic energy.

Reiki was mentioned the first time in the 2500 year old Sanscrit-Sutras.

On the end of the 19th century, Dr. Mikao Usui (picture to the right) rediscovered the healing technique of Reiki.

Dr. Usui, a Christian monk in Kyoto/Japan, was a teacher on a small university. The question "how Jesus Christ could heal" brought him later to the university of Chicago/USA, where he studied the Christian writings. He discovered, that also Buddha had the power of healing, which brought him back to Japan.

First he studied the Japanese translation of the Sutras, but he couldn't find any answer, so he decided to study the Chinese language, but also in the Chinese translation he found no explanation how Buddha did the healing.

Dr. Usui didn't give up, and learned the old language of the Sanscrit, to be able to read the original Buddhist writings. After 7 years of research he found what he was looking for: the symbols and descriptions how Buddha has healed, handwritten by an unknown disciple of Buddha.

He found the knowledge how to heal, yet he had no power to heal. So he went for 21 days onto a holy mountain for fasting and meditation. On the last day, his prayer "Father, please show me the Light" was heard. He suddenly saw a bright light on the sky, which was fast moving towards Dr. Usui. It became bigger and hit him in the middle of his forehead on his third eye. He felt to the ground, lost his consciousness and remained in a trance like state of mind. With this higher awareness he perceived the symbols in golden letters, exact the way he had seen it before in the Sanscrit-Sutras. This was the moment, the "Usui Reiki System" was born.

After being successful with "hands-on healing", he decided to heal the beggars from Kyoto and sent them out to search for a job. Seven years later, Dr. Usui found the same people on the same places, begging again for a living.

He figured, that he could heal the physical body but not the lifestyle. So he wrote down the "Reiki life principals".

Reiki principals, from Ms Hawayo Takata's diary:

  • just today don't be angry
  • just today don't worry
  • be grateful for the many blessings
  • earn your bread with honest work
  • be kind to your neighbors

In different books, you also will find modified versions, like:

  • just for today I will not be angry
  • just for today I will not worry
  • just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings
  • just for today I will do my work honestly
  • just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing



Usui began to teach the technique of how to "heal yourself" and his principals, so that old thought forms could heal too.

Chujiro Hayashi was a student of Dr. Usui, they worked many years close together. Before Mikao Usui passed over, he consecrated Hayashi into the secrets of Reiki and his teachings and declared him as a Master of Reiki.
Hayashi founded in Tokyo a Reiki Healing Clinic, where he gave treatments as well as teachings.

In 1935 Ms Hawayo Takata came from Hawaii to Japan for a tumor operation, she listened to an inner voice, canceled the surgery and searched for other possibilities. She came in contact with the Reiki Healing Clinic, and after a few month receiving Reiki treatments she was healed.
Takata began the Reiki training and was a year with Hayashi in Tokyo, before she went back to Hawaii.
In 1938, while Hayashi was visiting Takata in Hawaii, he initiated her to a Reiki Master. Until Takata passed over in 1980, she initiated all together 22 Reiki Masters, among them also her grand daughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

In 1983 a group of these Reiki Masters founded the "Reiki Alliance" to honor the life and work of Hawayo Takata and to keep this line of tradition alive.



Reiki can be learned and practiced by everybody!
All it takes, is the willingness to "heal yourself" and the initiation/s through a Reiki Master.
If desired, everybody with an open heart and an open mind can walk the path of personal growth and self-empowerment until the Reiki Master and Teacher level is reached.

A Reiki practitioner can not heal YOUR body! You are the one who allows the energy to flow so that your body can heal itself!

The practitioner actually channels only those energies which you allow to come in, which are appropriate for you at this point and time.

After experiencing the healing energy the first time, most people will have the natural desire to learn this technique and to receive the initiations, in order to independently heal their body, mind and soul.


Love and Light in Oneness,