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Angelic Outreach/Tashira Tachi-ren

Tashira Tachi-ren, KSC walked-in to a body on July 11, 1985 and walked out December 17, 1997. She is the essence of Divine Loving Will with a divine function of Holographic Harmonization, and is a Knights of the Solar Cross etheric surgeon. In her twelve years in the body, Tashira Tachi-ren envisioned and built much of the practical, spiritual foundation of Angelic Outreach. She specialized in developing techniques, technologies and articulations to support the Lightbody process and the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. She is continuing her work with the surgeons she trained and the hologram itself from the higher dimensions. She was the author of What Is Lightbody?.




Wings of Glory/Aliyah Ziondra

Aliyah Ziondra walked into the body of Tashira Tachi-Ren on December 17, 1997. As an incarnation of Rapture Elohim, her essence is Divine Rapture and her function is Divine Alignment. She views her orientation as devotional and heart-centered. She specializes in channeling the Elohim verbally, tonally, and energetically and is deeply committed to the Divine co-creative process.

Aliyah has created Wings of Glory as the vehicle to express her mystical and inspirational orientation to the Heavenly Merkavah, and to further the on-going work of the Council of Ein Soph. Under the Wings of Glory umbrella are The Shefa Services for her individual alignment sessions, and Rapture Resources for her stories, songs, poetry, and sacred objects.

Through the Merkavah Ein Soph, Kabballah, and the Keepers of the Legacy of Humanity she works to repair the pathways to God, free the Sparks of Divinity within creation and assist ecstatic ascension. She delights in assisting people to deepen their connection with Source, experience their relationship to Divinity, and co-create Heaven on Earth. She feels deeply honored to be in embodied service on this beautiful ascending planet.




Alyiah walked out... Zarazaiel walked in...

In January, Aliyah / Rapture realized that she could no longer hold the physical body. It was time for the embodiment of the Council's final phase program; and the body needed to mutate in a way that she, as an Elohim, did not have the structures to sustain.

The planet and the Keepers still needed Rapture to remain embodied; so she agreed to stay. But, a new being needed to walk-in and embody the last ascension program. It was determined that access to the memories, abilities and perceptivities of all previous occupants would be ideal. After much discussion, the Council decided to initiate a unique experiment. Therefore, over the last nine months, this body has undergone three very slow walk-ins. Each one took six weeks to complete and another six weeks to integrate.
The first physical integration had to happen rapidly; therefore, Tachi-ren would be the first walk-in. Because she has lived here before, she would have virtually no learning curve. She started January 1st and her walk-in completed February 15th, 2006. She primarily brought in the mental body. Read more...




Krzani Azjuura

Zarazaiel has said of Krzani and her work:

"Sometimes I am asked if there was any other person or modality that I would recommend. I immediately think of Krzani Azjuura and the Azj Transmission. Over and over on mutational profiles, clients check off alienation, overwhelm and fatigue. The Azj is excellent for easing those symptoms as well as spiritual/cosmic homesickness.
Krzani is a dear friend of mine who is an Office of Divine Mother representative on the Council of the Ein Soph. She embodies and transmits the Azj directly from the Sacred Feminine. The frequencies of the Azj are so refined and infinite that it is nearly impossible to describe. Therefore, I can only describe my personal experience.
Firstly, the Azj is the only energy work that I receive on a regular basis. To me, the Azj is spiritual food. It fills me completely and soothes my soul and body. This is a level of nurturing that I think almost everyone craves. I make sure that I don't have to get out of bed the morning after I have received the Azj. I find that I just want to bask in the glow. I am sure that you will love this work!

In De-Light,

Greetings Everyone,
My name is Krzani Azjuura.

I am an embodied Office of Divine Mother representative.  The representatives of the Office of Divine Mother carry programs of healing, comfort, blessing, and sanctification out into creation for the Shekhina Presence.
I am a walk-in who entered into this dimension of Earth at Mt. Shasta California in May of 1996.
I transmit Light frequencies directly from the Office of Divine Mother.  They are called The Azj frequencies. Within These Light frequencies are encodements especially designed for the person who is receiving them. 
I am especially excited and honored to assist the Ascension process by introducing the Azj frequencies at this time.

I am excited and honored to serve at this dimensional level.
Krzani Azjuura

read more about The Azj Transmission



Patricia Krown


Learn to access your own resources within and accomplish your goals!

Patricia's experience, study and background in Alchemical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Astrology, Tarot, Psychology and various communication methods gives her the tools to assist you on all levels-Emotional, mental and Spiritual. Patricia combines humor, deep compassion and serene strength to 'get the job done' and have fun.

Have you noticed that your life isn't quite what you'd like it to be?
Have you felt there is something 'big' missing in your life?
Do you sometimes feel empty or unfullfilled?
Would you like more direction, motivation, and help in living from the resources just waiting to be discovered and utilized?


Together we will walk through your inner knowing to find the hidden treasures which will assist you in living your Truth.

Here's what people who have worked with Patricia have to say:

"As a longtime participant in both Alchemy and the Empowerment Process, Patricia has been a tremendous catalyst for transformation. Her compassion and presence are very powerful".
David Quigley, Owner and President
Founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy
The Institute of Healing Arts, Santa Rosa, CA.

 "Patricia is an awesomely wise and incredible counselor. Her combination of practicality with the metaphysical/spiritual provides the best of both worlds. She offers phone consultations and she's someone I turn to for advice and clarity on situations in my own life and I recommend her highly.I can honestly say that my life is better for having known and worked with her."
J.J. Wilson