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Crystal CapstoneSet of two CDs / Tashira Tachi-ren

06203 - $55.00


This set was originally designed for use in one-on-one Crystal Capstone Ascension sessions in the Alpha Chamber, Denver CO.

These CDs are now available for Lightworkers to use at home or in groups. The Ascension Set uses sacred prayer and chants to raise your vibratory rate, and guided meditations to build your Lightbody and Merkabah Ascension Vehicle. The material prepares you to receive new Higher Light Encodements and then infuses the Divine Fire Letter Keys into your consciousness through tonal frequencies. It includes the 76 Sacred Names of the Dialectic.

This CD set is for dedicated Lightworkers. You will be transformed at every level of your being. We ask that you follow your Spirit as to whether this is appropriate for you at this time.

Studio recorded with effects. Total time: 152 minutes.

These CDs will put you into an altered state of consciousness. Do not listen to them while operating machinery or any vehicle other than your Merkabah vehicle.


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