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One CD / Tashira Tachi-ren

06204 - $22.00


Opening the Gates of Eden
Ariel's gentle soothing voice leads you through the Gates of Eden deep in the heart, and into the Helix of Light. This meditation includes the Unified Chakra, the Invocation to Light and a journey into your DNA encodements.

Movement of Spirit
Ariel guides your inner senses on a journey through many textures, experiencing yourself in many forms, culminating in the experience of yourself as Light in motion. This journey takes you to Sirius Ea the dolphin and whale planet, a place where many of us have lived and played. It is wonderful to play this while going off to sleep. You'll swim through the waters of liquid turquoise Light all night and awaken renewed.

A light, soft tonal background performed by Ariel through Tashira Tachi-ren, accompanies both meditations. (Studio-recorded with effects.)


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