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One CD / Tashira Tachi-ren

06206 - $22.00


This CD was created at the request of Lightworkers all over the planet. On thisCD, the Elohim of each Ray recites their Invocation. Ariel and many other beings recite their Invocations to the qualities associated with each Ray, as well as the Invocations to Light, Water, Clarity and Unity. Each Invocation is spoken by the Lightbeing who brought it onto the planet. The Unified Chakra, which many of you have experienced as a meditation, is offered here in the form of an Invocation. All the Invocations from the original book Invocations are included plus two new pieces: "The Clarion Call" and "Amen". The CD has a background of waterfall sounds.

"These Invocations are designed to support you in building your Lightbody, embodying Spirit, healing and balancing your bodies, and walking the Path of Joy." -Ariel


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