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How do I know which potions will work best for me?

  • We suggest that you let intuition guide you. It can help to ask your mental body to take a short nap, and just notice what potions you are drawn to. Many times it will not seem logical - but will be the "perfect" energy for you. Ask your Spirit to guide you to the perfect potions for you at this time.

How do I know the potions are "working"?

  • How we sense the potions is a very individual experience. Some people find them to be a very profound experience from the moment they take the first drop. The majority feels the effect to be very subtle, if anything is felt at all. The way to tell if the potions are working for you is to take them on a regular basis for at least a month or two and then look back and notice what has changed in your life. As always, your own Spirit will determine the effect and the timing.

Can't I just channel the energy myself?

  • The ability to do this varies by individual. Frequently we talk to people who started by channeling the energies themselves and then found the potions to be a faster and more efficient way to fully access the frequencies. The physical body seems to more easily access energies if it can "experience" them in a physical way. Because the potions are taken as a physical form, this helps integrate the frequency into the physical body. It is also helpful to be able to instantly access the frequencies - because many times we are not in an appropriate place to stop what we are doing, get in a meditative state and channel the energy.

Do I need to use a large quantity of each potion for it to be effective?

  • No. More important than the number of times you take a potion, or the amount you take, is that you follow your Spirit. It may be better to take very small doses more frequently, or one larger dose once per day. Again, let your intuition guide you. You can add a few drops to water that you sip throughout the day and that way you have the frequency accessible whenever you need it. **

I have taken Quantum Wealth for a month or so and I still have money problems. Why hasn't the potion "worked" for me?

  • Quantum Wealth first helps point out and remove any blocks we have to prosperity. Often this puts our pictures of lack into the spotlight in a big way. My first recommendation is not to focus on and make REAL any financial problems. Just thank the universe for the information and release any energy you hold around the problem.
    Quantum Wealth will not guarantee that you win the lottery or that a huge amount of money will come to you. It does help you open up to receiving abundance in your life. I also encourage you to remember to have gratitude for what you do have and to look for ways in which abundance can show up in your life.
    For example, one customer wanted money for a computer. She didn't get the money, but a friend gave her a computer as a gift. Often we can't see into the future to know what the end result of a particular situation will be. Sometimes not getting what we think we want is the way the Universe has of giving us something even better in the future.

Is it all right to put Love Potion #9 in my husband's morning coffee without telling him, so that he loves me again?

  • We would say no. We would not recommend giving anyone potions without their knowledge, but no tool should ever be used for purposes of manipulating another to do what we want. Using Love Potion #9 to open your own heart chakra might allow you to view the situation with your husband differently.

I have made some bad mistakes in the past; which potion can help me to forgive myself? What else can I do to make peace in my mind about my mistakes?

  • First we would recommend reminding yourself that we always make the best decisions possible based on what we know in the moment. Blame, either for yourself or others, is just another way we create separation on this planet. The Unified Chakra can assist with peace of mind. When we are unified, we are in the "Now" rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Staying in the moment can be the greatest help in keeping our minds at peace.
    As far as potions that would assist: Divine Mother, Pathcutter, Universal Detox, Grace and Mercy might all be helpful. I would recommend connecting with your Spirit and working with the potions that resonate with you.

I so totally don't like my body. How will Heavenly Body Potion change this? Will it make my body form into a new shape?

  • Heavenly Body can assist with changes we would like to see in our bodies. We caution people to remember that is a manifestation potion. Taking Heavenly Body and continuing the thought form that you hate your body will almost certainly give you more of what you don't want. Using it when you have a positive view can be very helpful. It can help give you clarity on what is good for your body. Using a few drops on your food or drink will help you notice what is beneficial for your body and what is not.
    The major point to remember is that part of self-image is learning to love your body regardless of its shape. This may require use of other tools and techniques as well as the potions.

Can I take several potions together?

  • The potions are designed to all work synergistically with each other. So several of them can be taken at any one time. As always we recommend following your own Spirit. As long as you take them as Spirit directs you can't go wrong.


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** NOTE: It is not necessary to use a large amount for the potions to work. In addition to taking a few drops under your tongue, you can add the potions to water you carry with you during the day or to other drinks or food. The potions are usually taken internally, in a quantity directed by Spirit, though some of our customers have come up with some very creative uses for their potions! (Such as: eyedrops, douches, in bathwater, or in aromatherapy diffusers and table fountains.)

Use of these products, whether internally or externally, allows your body to easily absorb and align with the frequencies they carry. The physical body more easily senses/retains the frequencies because it receives them in a physical form.