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The Azj Transmission
Offered by Krzani Azjuura


Krzani Azjuura is an Office of Divine Mother representative, who embodied on Planet, in Mt. Shasta, CA in May of 1996. She transmits a multi-universal Light frequency called The Azj.

The Azj Transmission is a vast spectrum of Light frequencies that emanate from the Office of Divine Mother. Krzani’s function of Exaltation and her essence of Love Radiant, allow her to be a conduit for these multi- universal and Inner Planes frequencies. As an embodied representative of the pure Feminine Principle, Krzani is an anchor and access portal for the frequencies of all who have served in that capacity.

During an Azj Transmission, the Azj frequency is transmitted from and through the Office of Divine Mother (Inner Planes) to the etheric body, the physical body, and its subtle and energetic bodies here on the physical plane. The bodies respond with a deep nestling into the all-loving, ultra-nurturing Light …allowing opening, relaxation, and receiving of the frequencies held within.

Each transmission is an infusion of upper dimensional, multi-universal and Inner Plane Light Frequencies, specifically designed for each individual recipient. These frequencies are vast and infinite. The words available to describe them are narrow and finite. Therefore, experience provides the best description of the effects of The Azj Transmission, as they do vary from person to person.

Along with personalized, unique frequency variations, come some commonly reported effects…such as feeling safer, more comfortable and more present in the physical body. The Azj Transmission is reported as being very stimulating to geometrically balanced energy fields, producing bliss energy in the bodies. When trauma and injury respond to the Azj, the results are greater comfort and overall ease.

It has been found that one of the most graceful ways to receive and integrate an Azj Transmission is through a “series format”, consisting of a three, five, or seven session series. Single sessions are also offered. All of the sessions are performed remotely while you are sleeping.

Azj Transmission ~~~ 1 session ~~ $144.00

White Rose Series ~~~ 3 sessions ~~ $377.00

Lavender Orchid Series ~~~ 5 sessions ~~ $633.00

Golden Lotus Series ~~~ 7 sessions ~~ $911.00


The Azj Elixir is required for all sessions; the potion Paradigm Shift is suggested for all sessions.

As the Ascension process continues, Lightworkers of all job descriptions are being required to receive, integrate, and carry more Light. The Azj Transmission frequencies can help.


Carrying more Light is a Birthright!


When making your appointment, indicate if you will need the suggested potion. Payment for all sessions is required in advance, in U.S. dollars.

To schedule an appointment, contact:

Krzani Azjuura
19363 Willamette Drive #311
West Linn, OR 97068
503-659-0779 --- luminazj@yahoo.com