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A descension occurs when a vaster part of a person's own Spirit comes to reside in the body. Descensions of Spirit are an integral part of the Lightbody Ascension process. Everyone will experience Descensions as part of their mutation to Lightbody at various times in the process. Sometimes, the shifts are so profound that the person believes that they have had a walk-in.

Often, as Spirit descends into the body, a person feels magnificent ecstasy and bliss. There may be a sense of revelation, expandedness, clarity of purpose and the sensation of seeing everything through new eyes. The subjective experience spans from a pleasant bliss state to complete disorientation. How dramatic a descension feels depends upon the degree of Light that a person has integrated previously, the rigidity of a person's beliefs about who they are and about why they are here, and how extensively the Spirit chooses to re-pattern the bodies at this time.At the time of a Descension, Spirit sets entirely new patterns of consciousness into the mental, emotional, and etheric blueprint bodies as well as increases the vibration of the Lightbody structures. The various bodies must then shift and expand to accommodate vaster pictures of reality and release old patterns of limitation.Since the mental body's functin is to define and describe what is "real" and to focus on how to keep you alive, the release of survival patterns can be very confusing. The mental body may raise questions about "Can I, or do I, want to survive?"

The combination of fear of death and wanting to die shakes out lots of automatic responses stored in the body. Also, because Spirit's pictures of reality are so vast and non-linear, the mental body may not be able to describe them. This may manifest as a sense that nothing is real or bring about a dis-illusionment.

This enables the mental body to shift its function from survival orientation--constantly defending what's real and defining the future--to following Spirit in the Now.

The new patterns that Spirit places in the emotional body usually stimulate the release of previous attachments to people, places, objects and ideas. An individual may feel many different emotions rippling through them along with bliss and ecstasy as stored emotions and blockages to expression are freed. The emotional body's attachments, blockages and stored feelings are developed from experiences in this and other incarnations and all its referencing is to the past. Spirit, through the force of Grace, allows a complete break with the past so a person can experience the ecstasy and vastness of their Spirit in each moment.The etheric blueprint body acts as a template for the physical body and a regulator for the emotional and mental bodies.

This body is the blueprint for the physical form and, along with the DNA, regulates the Lightbody mutation in all of the bodies. When a Descension begins, the first change that is noticed is usually the sensation of tingling, or electricity around the physical body. This is caused by a massive infusion of Light into the etheric blueprint to activate dormant Lightbody structures. This immediately changes the spin and overall motion of the geometries of the mental and emotional bodies. At the same time, it signals the physical body's cells to increase production of ATP. The DNA then receives the Higher Light encodements from Spirit and mutates to actualize more of the Lightbody.

The physical body's vibratory rate often rises dramatically from this strong infusion of Light at the cellular level and releases old patterns from the emotional and mental bodies. Sometimes, a person actually feels like the molecules of their body are separating. With these radical shifts at all levels, often a release of density is triggered from the physical form resulting in headache, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, fever, body ache and dizziness. This usually passes within 72 hours.Sometimes individuals feel disoriented because the old answers to "Who am I and why am I here?" are no longer available. Despite any discomfort, most people feel exhilaration, ecstasy and freedom.

As psychic and multi-dimensional awareness blossoms, a new vaster sense of identity and purpose manifests. Spirit provides the activation for a complete break with referencing to the past and an invitation to live NOW, as the vast, limitless, multi-dimensional Light Master that you are.