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Emotional Body

The emotional body vibrates at the low fourth dimension (lower astral plane) and tends to live in the past. It is the emotional body's nature to form attachments to people, places, objects and ideas. It often feels very childlike, as many of the attachments are formed in childhood. It reruns emotional triggers from the past. For example, if you were scratched by a cat when you were two years old, today you feel fear and suspicion when you see a cat. Or, suppose you dropped your milk in the lunchroom in second grade and everyone laughed at you. Now you may have an aversion to groups or lunchrooms, and when groups of people laugh, you may think they're laughing at you.
You can see how your reaction to something in the now may have nothing to do with what is actually happening. Often, certain emotions are suppressed within the emotional body, sublimated as feelings of "I need ..." Emotions and expressions are suppressed because they are deemed "bad," "unacceptable," or "unspiritual." This causes self karmic blocks to expression and strengthens the attachment to outer things.
Often, there is a feeling of "I can't trust myself," therefore strengthening the control of the mental body. The emotional body and the physical body are what experience life. The physical body experiences Now, while the emotional body experiences life through a filter of past experiences. The majority of karmic patterning is held within the emotional body.

The emotional body merges with the other bodies and vibrates in the fifth dimension. All attachments to people, places and ideas release as this body begins to function in the Now. The only attachment is to the vibration and expressions of Spirit. This often feels like being in love with Spirit. People usually find that they become much more emotionally expressive. Like a child, when an emotion flows through this body, it is simply expressed. When you're angry, you yell. When you're sad, you cry. When you're happy, you laugh and smile. This is the gateway of full Divine expression. There's no such thing as a "bad" or "unspiritual" emotion. All emotion is in the repertoire of Divine expression.
These three bodies are made up of spinning double tetrahedrons. The pattern of motion and spin in each body is unique to the individual because these bodies are emanations of the Soul. The rates of spin and whether these geometries are slower or stuck, determines the karmic experiences you will attract.
In the course of Lightbody mutation, these bodies will first align and then merge the tetrahedral geometries into a unified energy field. The rates of spin become uniform throughout the unified field. All of the stuck geometries release and this field merges with the Oversoul, the Christ Oversoul and the I AM Presence to fully manifest the expression of your Divine nature.



Etheric Blueprints

The etheric blueprints vibrate in the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions and operate in simultaneous time. Woven through the blueprints is a fourth-dimensional substance we call karmic matrix. It looks and feels a lot like grayish cobwebbing. Matrix also connects into all of your incarnations across time and parallel realities. It maintains karmic continuity. It is the switchboard through which the soul connects to the physical body and contains the pattern for physical death. Karmic matrix slows the rates of spin in the geometries of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, causing them to attract karmic experiences.
The sixth-dimensional blueprint acts as a template for the physical body. All DNA encodements come from this sixth-dimensional template. All physical traits are determined by a person's DNA, patterned within the sixth-dimensional structures first. The fifth-dimensional blueprint is the template for the Lightbody mutation and is dormant. There are etheric crystals placed in the fifth-dimensional structures to keep this template from manifesting the Lightbody prematurely, as well as, to assist people to play this game of limitation with gusto.

As Higher Light pours down through the etheric blueprint, it begins to activate the fifth-dimensional structures and stimulates the release of the fourth-dimensional karmic matrix. The gradual release of the karmic gunk shifts the geometries and functions of the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The sixth-dimensional structures begin to link up to the fifth-dimensional blueprint which stimulates mutation of the physical body's DNA. Gradually, instead of acting as a blueprint for dense third-dimensional existence, it becomes the blueprint for Lightbody. When the etheric blueprint shifts, all other bodies must change also. As the vibratory rate increases in all of the bodies, the crystalline regulator structures must be removed. This allows even more Light to pour into the bodies and the DNA.
This can be done by someone incarnate or, sometimes, the removal is done by your own Spirit. Generally, Spirit removing the crystals is very rare. Usually a person who thinks they've been removed is operating from lots of spiritual significance. "I'm so much more spiritually advanced than everyone else I couldn't possibly have crystals! My Spirit must has removed them years ago!"



Mental Body

The mental body vibrates in the high fourth dimension (higher astral plane) and focuses mostly in the future. It lives in "what if ..." It can only describe reality, it cannot experience it. Its main focus is survival, and its reasoning goes, "If something has kept me alive in the past and I continue to do that something, I will stay alive in the future." The mental body hates change. Robotron behavior comes out of this body: like always putting your left leg in your pants first.
Through defining and defending what is "real," this body keeps you focused strictly into this reality. The mental body usually believes that it is in charge of the lifetime and suppresses the emotional body's "irrational" emotions, needs and impulses. It couldn't care less if you are happy or satisfied, only that you keep repeating what you've always done to survive.

As the mental body merges with the other bodies, it begins to live in the Now and vibrates in the fifth dimension. As it shifts its function to serving Spirit, it looks for clues from Spirit about what is "real." It allows Spirit to be in charge of a lifetime and focuses Spirit's vaster picture of reality into this plane. For most people, it's a great relief when the mental body finally surrenders to Spirit and merges with the other bodies. Often, survival fears and doubts lessen or vanish completely. When they do show up, you learn that these feelings and thoughts are not "real." Fear simply means that the bodies have moved out of unity and alignment.



Physical Body

The physical body vibrates in the third dimension and is always focused in the Now. The body is dense, carbon based, and has a two strand DNA structure. The functioning of the pituitary and pineal glands is atrophied causing aging, death, and a lack of multi-dimensional perceptions. The physical body is often a focus for self karma. People tend to have adversarial relationships with this body, resenting it, abusing it, and wishing it were different as well as trying to control or deny it. Since most karma is experienced through the physical body, there is a tendency to punish or blame it for even existing. There is little or no concept that the body has a consciousness of its own and that its only wish is to serve Spirit.

As Higher Light pours into the etheric blueprint body it triggers the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in the mitochondria of the cells. This substance takes undifferentiated Light and breaks it into Light encodements absorbable by the DNA. The new encoding signals the DNA to begin a mutation from a double helix to a triple helix. The third strand, vibrating fifth-dimensionally in the cells, activates and begins to link in with old genetic structure, causing the cells to drop carbon-based density.
The pituitary and the pineal glands activate and begin to grow. People often look like they're growing younger. These glands link up with the dormant crystalline structures that receive and decode the Languages of Light. The right and left hemispheres of the brain begin to synchronize and new synapses develop. Strong psychic and multi-dimensional openings occur as the unused portions of the brain spring into new life.
There is a growing understanding that the body itself has consciousness and wishes to serve you and your Spirit. The body is not a "vehicle" but a co-creative partner in the Lightbody process. There is also activation of the fifth-dimensional bodies of inner and outer Light. These Light meridians are called axiatonal, axial, and strallim lines. These new meridians form the literal structures of the Lightbody. They facilitate regeneration at the cellular levels, as well as form linkages to other star systems, Lightbody incarnations, and the next level of dimensional existence. More and more of the vastness you are as Spirit comes to reside in the body, shifting your consciousness into wider pictures of reality. The Lightbody process is the bringing of more of the magnificence of who you are in the other realms. You become humanity exalted.



Spiritual Body

The Spiritual body vibrates in the fifth dimension (etheric or Lightbody plane) and operates in simultaneous time. It acts as an interface between the physical incarnation and the Higher Self or Oversoul. Revelatory experiences occur as communications from Spirit and come through this body. Often, impulses and information coming through this body feel illusory and unreal, and are ignored. As you can see, this body's functions are secondary in a karmic learning game.

The Spiritual body comes into prominence as the Lightbody mutation progresses. As you decide to try to follow your Spirit, this body, so long under-used, prepares for a stronger connection to the Oversoul. The more you look for communications from Spirit, the more this body strengthens and fulfills its function as an interface with your Spirit.