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Reincarnation-in-Same-Body (RSB)


Once again, the change in personality, tastes, habits, identity and focus can be so intense that this looks like a walk-in. RSBs intuitively know that they are not walk-ins. The changes put everyone around them into a tailspin and they often go off somewhere alone for a couple of years.

For the two or three years that it takes to integrate, RSBs often describe themselves as being in the Void. They keep the same energy bodies because it's not a total shift in occupancy of the physical body. Therefore all of the karma matrix, emotional body attachments and mental body closed systems are still there to be dealt with. They don't get the Grace-period that walk-ins get. RSBs spend a great deal of time and energy clearing those patterns in their two years in the Void. They do lots of completions with family members.

A near-death experience often triggers the RSB. A choice was made on the part of the Soul at that time. Not all RSBs have near-death experiences, but most do, and these commonly feel that they are living on borrowed time.

About 3/4 of RSBs are wrapped in an etheric cocoon for the two to three years of integration. They are blessed by this. RSBs walking around without the cocoon feel like they're walking around with no skin. Everything is overstimulating and they often get sick.

The truly frustrating feeling during those years of integration is a feeling of having no purpose. They pretty much get no information from Spirit on what the new goal is until the cocoon is off or the integration is complete. They may feel suicidal at times and often have trouble with astral entities hanging on them.