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Mysterium Sacred Oils -



04001 - $14.98

Infused with the energy of balance, allowing and receiving. Assists in connecting you with your essence and the resources of the universe and bringing them forth in this dimension. It also helps attract other like-minded beings to you.
This oil balances and opens the lower chakras and helps with the creation process. It brings understanding of the support available to you just for "being" and helps you understand that "doing" is not the sole purpose of your incarnation, nor is it your means of support here. It contains the energy of "as above, so below". Wonderful used in combination with the Quantum Wealth potion.

Bergamot and a combination of green aromatics are among the essences used in this oil.

Infused through J.J. Wilson



04002 - $14.98


Infused with the frequency of access to your inner knowing. Assists in the revelation of the higher and deeper truths. Helps cut through self-delusion and denial. Use this oil and ask Spirit to show you the next step for the highest good and to assist with clarity of communication and expression.

Frankincense, Myrrh, Neroli and Spearmint are some of the essential oils used in this oil.




04003 - $14.98


Reveals the mystery of Spirit moving through form. Strengthens your connection to Spirit. Expands your capacity to follow Spirit with each breath and each step. Glory is infused with the energy of oneness. With the frequency of celebration and honoring, Glory helps you realize that we are all One.

Citrus, Palmarose and Vanilla are a few of the essences used in this oil.




04004 - $14.98


The frequency of Co-Creation and Manifestation are infused in this oil. Helps you be more conscious of what you want to create and create a clearer picture of your vision of Heaven on Earth. Knowing what you want to create allows you to manifest with ease and grace. Using this oil helps bring your vision of Heaven into the physical. Use this during meditation, or just apply a small drop every morning.

A combination of gem elixirs give this oil its incredible energy and scent.




04005 - $14.98


Humor at a higher frequency - helps you co-create with others with humor and joy and a view of the higher good. Use this oil liberally anytime you are taking yourself, life or ascension too seriously. Remember that as long as you can laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused. Nothing breaks up patterns and stale energy like laughter. Hilarity helps you see mastery in everyone and the grace of the cosmic joke. Use with Co-creation for joy and fun when working with groups.

Bergamot, Helichrysum and Palmarose will tickle your funnybone here!




Set of ALL Oils

04009 - $145.00


04006 - $14.98


This oil opens your awareness to the mastery in yourself and others as well as the wonders and beauty of the planet herself.

Contains the frequency that opens you up to the understanding that all of creation is exalted. Heaven is everywhere. Reveals the mystery of Heaven manifesting through all creation.

Frankincense, Myrrh and Hyssop co-create in this wonderful oil.




04010 - $14.98


This oil opens your heart chakra, your brow chakra and all of the upper chakras. It creates a resonance with the Christ Oversoul.

It is a sensual oil that radiates the energy of love and intimacy at an upper dimensional level.

The oil contains some spice, some citrus and lots of magic.




04008 - $14.98

Allows you to see that everything is happening in divine timing. Contains the frequency of perfect presence.

Knowing that everything is unfolding in the appropriate time and place naturally generates a feeling of inner peace.

Lavender, Neroli and Bergamot are part of this soothing combination of essences




04007 - $14.98

Combines the force of Grace and unconditional love. Allows you to see the world and the beings in it with new eyes.

Reveals the mystery of the innate holiness of all life. Contains the frequency of reverence for the divinity in all things.

Frankincense, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Rosemary and Lemon are a partial list of what's here.





04011 - $14.98

This oil helps to bring in more of who you are in the upper dimensions and assists you in filling your energy field with your essence.

It assists you in remaining unified and keeps your essence radiating out from the unified field throughout your day.