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GYPSY GODDESS ROLL-ONS are made with gemstones, empowered herbs, resins, essential oils and love. They are beautifully packaged in clear roll-on bottles with gemstones and herbs in the oils. They are pleasantly and lightly scented, so you can use them everyday.

Aphrodisiac Roll-On

09301 - $15.50

Love one another and create unity -- recognize the divinity in your beloved through spiritual sexuality.

Couples approaching each other in sexual embrace recognizing the God and Goddess in each other and uniting in transcendental bliss. Earth and Spirit become one.



Divine Love Roll-On

09302 - $15.50

Use this Roll-On to release grief, loneliness, bitterness, addiction, obsession, abuse and violence and bring back joy, acceptance, non-judgment, kindness, compassion, mercy and giving.




Meditation Roll-On

09303 -$15.50

Apply this Roll-On and focus your mind on ONE thing.

It calms down your breathing, so it can be used for stress, panic attacks, asthma, insomnia and mind chatter.




Money Drawing Roll-On

09304 - $15.50

This Roll-On helps to manifest the monetary flow in your life. Spirituality does not require poverty.





Mystic Insight Roll-On

09305 - $15.50

It will help you to expand your imagination. higher knowledge and creativity.

The Mystic Insight Roll-On will help you develop sixth chakra (Third Eye) skills like clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, visualization and the ability to comprehend many things intuitively.



Protection Roll-On

09306 - $15.50

Use this Roll-On to neutralize all forms of dark and destructive energy.

It can be used prior to tarot reading or channeling to let only possitive energy in, before driving or traveling or when you have to work with someone difficult.



Winner's Luck Roll-On

09310 - $15.50

The great Mother Goddess turns the celestial & karmic wheel of fate.

The Greeks & the Romans called her by the name Fortuna & she is the ruler of good fortune.

Winner's Luck Roll-On Oil is filled with the energy of the Goddess of Good Fortune.