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Spiritual Consultation
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Are you experiencing uncomfortable emotional and physical effects of spiritual seeking and mutating into lightbody? Do you wonder if your spiritual path has to be so difficult? Has spiritual growth created turmoil in your life? Wish you knew what your next step should be? Anxiety is something very common in a world where changing energy is so prevalent.

If you are experiencing:

  • Relationship issues
  • Problems at work
  • Mutational symptoms
  • Curious about your purpose or your next step
  • Sad, unhappy or dissatisfied
  • Feel you may be under energetic or psychic attack

Seraphaiel is an Archangelic member of the Council of Ein Soph. Seraphaiel is the essence of the Force of Revelation, her function is to hold the space for people to gain insight about who they are and what their function is. In essence she helps people reveal themselves to themselves. In addition, Seraphaiel functions as a lens – focusing new programs into the planetary hologram. So when she consults with people, she takes what is revealed and inserts it into the hologram.

Since 2000 Seraphaiel has been consulting for clients from around the world who are seeking ease and grace on their spiritual path. As co-owner of Alchemical Mage and co-creator with Kavyo, Zarazaiel and the Council of Ein Soph, she also infuses many of the potions and oils produced by Alchemical Mage.

There are easy answers to some of the most complex emotional issues and questions. During a session with Seraphaiel, you can gain clarity regarding issues that you have been struggling with. After all, understanding is half the battle. Being pro-active is the second half. It is all up to you.

You can gain insight about:

  • Who you are at an upper dimensional level
  • What your purpose is here on earth.
  • How to stay connected to your Spirit
  • Keeping your chakra’s unified
  • Releasing Entities
  • How to protect yourself from psychic attack
  • Reality creation
  • Transpersonal communication techniques
  • And much more

Spiritual counseling is not meant to replace conventional medicine but rather to complement and enhance it. If symptoms persist, a medical professional should be consulted. Seraphaiel is not a medical doctor, or any other kind of medical practitioner and will not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatment, prescribe medications, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.


Please select the consultation you wish to sign up for and call 303-326-0924 for an appointment with Seraphaiel.

Consultation Fees:

09902 - $111.00

Please after a consultation!





"Hi Seraphaiel, Just wanted to let you know how much my sister and I enjoyed your 2 day Mastery Workshop. We both learned so much about ourselves in those 2 days! We have both ordered the What is Lightbody Book and love saying all the invocations in the book. You have truly changed our lives for the better! Thank you for an enlightening 2 days!"

With Love and Grace, Deb and Linda


I recently had a session with Seraphaiel, my first. I have been working with the What is Light Body? text seriously since Feb. 2009, though I'd had it for 2 years. 
My experience with Seraphaiel and her perceptions were very accurate. 
As we started to work together I found myself opening to the energy of a higher dimension(s) at an incredibly fast rate. Seraphaiel helped identify and break vows I had made, open my heart chakra, and remove a helmet that I had created to tone down my perceptions and intuitions as they had made people very uncomfortable since childhood. 
I am a teacher and she validated and encouraged me in the direction that I have been going--to bring light, create a safe place, and to give the idea that we all create our own reality. 
I'm so excited about what I am doing and becoming and what I can do. 
Seraphaiel is an incredible guide and gives one faith to keep striving for the ultimate goal, communication with spirit. I thank her and all the sources of guidance with us at this time. There are many!



"It has been ??? since I did my first session with Seraphaiel. I think it must have been in Feb? We discovered that my heart chakra was closed. The session itself was so powerful and moving. And my life has been so different since then and Seraphaiel said so - she said that she felt that I had closed my heart to a lot good that was to come into my life. 
I cannot tell you the blessings that have come in since then, the experiences, the ideas (inspiration), the joys, the laughter, the sparkling life that has flowed back into me that at one point I did wonder where did that bouncy happy girl go? 
And new people, new things are coming that accepting of the brightness of who I truly am. I just recently took myself on vacation in solitude up to the Mountains and had a blast! Can you imagine I was on my own and I had the time of my life - and I had such beautiful adventures too! And it has only been like... 2 months, maybe? Check back again in 2 years?"



"Thanks so much for the lovely and powerful session. You will be happy to know that, on that same afternoon, a solution presented itself for a problem we have been having on a job. In addition, I have been able to sleep through the night since our session - first time in years! I will be working to follow through on some of the suggestions that you gave me. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful support!"



"it was a great session yesterday. Thank you for your genuine commitment. Thank you also for the tools and techniques."

Best regards, Claudiu


"Thank you so much for all your information and encouragement. I feel a difference already and the headaches are actually letting up quite a bit. Wow! It was so good to talk with you the other day!!
I will put in an order very soon. I think I can really use those potions."

Blessings! Becky


"Thank you so much for our wonderful session and for all of this. I was not familiar with the Superconscious Technique, the Quad Grid, and Astral Parasite Removal. I appreciate all of it."



"I would like to tell you that our session together was pivotal in getting me 'back on the tracks.' Thanks for your patient and gentle support, and your 'cut through the crap' insights. Wonderful, wonderful!"

Thanks, and blessings to you, 
Isaac George


From Zarazaiel Yovel:
"Up until this time, Seraphaiel chose to interact in the most human ways possible so that her gifts could be received without fan fair. Informally, she gave her insights and support to many, many Lightworkers over the years.
In a Lightworker's life there comes a time to fully embody and reveal her wholeness. Now is J.J.’s time. She was, is, and will always be, Archangel Seraphaiel: a Force of Divine Revelation.
She is now formally offering her support through private consultations. Yes, she will still suggest tools and technologies to assist what is going on. Yes, she will still tell you what she thinks about your situation. But, Sera's true gift is the ability to hold the space of revelation so that each person receives their own insights. This completely supports your mastery and sovereignty. Revelation is far vaster than simple questions and answers. It is a being state of inner knowing that allows each individual to define what is real for themselves. Once you have decided what to make real in your life, Sera opens the hologram and focuses your decision into it. Instead of waiting for a gradual manifestation within linear time, this allows your decisions to be imprinted into your life today.
I highly recommend that you experience Sera's gifts for yourself."

In De-Light,
~Zarazaiel Yovel


Hi, I wanted to write and let everyone know how powerful her sessions and individual potions are. The session was fantastic! Seraphaiel provides for your transformational pleasure in co-creation divine space, insight, guidance, and understanding. One of the problems that I have experienced all my life, is not feeling like I was a participant in life, I've always felt like an outsider looking in. With Seraphaiel 's work, we came up with a couple of vow's that where majorly affecting my life. Since then, I've seen sub-vows that I've also cleared. With this work, I AM participating in life and more people are coming into my life, it is soooo exciting. I've also been using Seraphaiel 's personal potions, I can feel the potion working after I've ordered it, things start to change. The potions work with my intent and once I've made my order to Seraphaiel and the universe, it all starts rearranging itself starting then! Once I get the potion, wow! You can feel the energy in them! What a loving way to design your life!!!

Thanks so much Seraphaiel!!! 
Love, light and Joyful playfulness! 
~ Teresa Culbertson


“Just standing in her presence you understand who you have been speaking to on the phone for years, you feel her full power before you, her calm, her serenity, her absolute mastery and oneness. It makes you laugh, it makes you a little intimidated at first, it makes you want to cry for relief, she is so lovely. Seraphaiel is the living example of Mastery; that’s why she can do what she does, hold the space for others.”

Asharia NYC, NY


"I know Seraphaiel since 1999 and all these years I've deeply appreciated her spiritual wisdom and social intelligence. From the bottom of my heart I recommend Seraphaiel 's kind and loving consultations by phone - doesn't matter where the problem is buried, with her help you can resolve it!"

~Angela, Denver


I can't thank you enough for the amazing work you do! I ordered 2 personalized potions in the last 3 months and I couldn't be more happy with the results... and more :)
Talking to you on the phone was like speaking to an old friend. We talked about what I was looking for in my life, and you made it so easy! All I had to do was ask for what I wanted (easier then ordering at a restaurant:) and the next thing I knew... the package was at my front door. I followed the instructions and Voila! I lost weight and I met a really nice guy! It happened so fast! (the weight loss is still ongoing and so is the relationship!) Very Magical ! !
The 2nd potion was just as powerful. It has brought me to a new place in my life. I feel that I have connected with myself on a higher level and I see myself in a new light. I am more beautiful ! It is possible to manifest what you want; and through your personalized potions my dreams have become real. The potions are powerful and you can FEEL them working. It is true that every cell of your body responds to this work. I appreciate the rejuvenation and new energy that has come into my life. As your website says "Evolve with Ease and Grace" No kidding... why in the world would you choose otherwise! It's all cellular... a No brainer! ;)
Thanks again to you and the Council of Ein Soph!"

~ Lucy Wynnewood, PA


"Dear Seraphaiel,
When I spoke to you on the phone, I knew immediately that you would either understand me right away or get very close. You might be someone who could see me.
I few days before I talked with you, I had a Deeksha and a Reiki treatment. So I was probably shining pretty bright. I loved how you talked about Ease & Grace, that you have to be literal with the non-physical consciousnesses. They don't have bodies, so they miss a lot of the innuendo. That it was important to ask for things that are in my best and highest physical and spiritual interests.
I recognized the need to break the vow of equating spirituality with poverty and loss of resources.
So now I'm looking for role models who play in the arena of ease and grace, and I think that is where you might fit in. If you can cheerlead me a bit, I know I can do great things in ease and grace. Maybe you can point me to other role models. Not people who overcame great obstacles, but people who are living in ease and grace now. I know how to climb over obstacles quite well. I want to stop encountering obstacles that are that large.
So I am doing the Vow Break, several times per day. Each time, I feel another layer of formerly-useful-yuck leaving my space. I do the Superconscious Technique, too, and wait to see what Spirit brings.
Thank you again for a wonderful session and I look forward to talking with you again soon."

~ Aloha, Dee Cymber


"Thank you again for all your help in our phone consultation. It simply pushed me right through that awful "stuckness" and I feel like I am just leaping ahead now. I have used the vow break a couple of times (and a "rough" version of the Superconscious Technique) and will continue to check on that, but it has been the entity release that seems the most powerful. And I am quite sure that whatever you downloaded into my fields is also a big part of this. You truly have been a wonderful help and have assisted me through something I have been trying to get to the bottom of for years!"

~ Teri


"Thank you for the techniques. I shared them with my first patient and gave her the web site to look and shop for elixers and remedies.
Today I feel lighter and freedom in myself and my energy field. I feel as if I see things for what they really are, no judgement just awareness. I also feel a tremendous energy at my back, it is a good feeling.
Thank you again. 

Many Blessings to you,"


"It’s been a few weeks since I had a session with you.
I am so happy having the conversation. Since the session I feel much more confident and am more clearly focused on my mission.
I feel my spoken word (especially during the trainings with teenagers) is very strong and powerful.
As you mentioned I use the grids also during the training. I feel a wonderful shift in energy. (One day I didn’t renew the grid and it can be coincidence but the day was rough!)
I feel a very strong connection with you / your energy and it feels we are part of a big team, supporting each other. It’s truly a wonderful feeling.
I do notice that it’s easier to stay focused and refocus, as if some sort of grid is around me, so that I can find my way back, or re-center myself after expanding (which I do well!!) It is very comfortable for my body and also personality.
It’s been great talking and exchanging with you."

~ Irene


"I know it has been weeks since you shifted me in that vow release but I have not been able to speak about it really until now.
But other things are better like my relationship with my family. I was in DC area for my nephew's graduation and my sis and I didn't argue once. But then I will have this strange attack in groups and get truthful to the point of hurtful.
On the whole I feel like I am on the precipice of growing up and my little boy-child is angry at me for taking his power away. My body is a strange entity all of its own and hopefully this too will pass. But for the first time in my life I feel like the reactionary, people-pleasing, fearfully truthful, girl/boy-child will molt and the woman crone will emerge.
Please say another prayer for me. Please know I credit you for so much of my growth."


With love,
~ Michele