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For those who are working with the Triple or Quad Grid techniques, we recommend programming the grid into a quartz crystal.

Many customers have asked us if we carry crystals. Until now we have not had these available, because we had not found a source of consistently nice crystals.

We now have such a source. The pieces are all quality crystals, many with rainbows. We have these available in Polished Point Wands, Spheres and Pyramids.

The wands would be perfect to carry with you and the spheres and pyramids would be great in your home or car.

The crystals have not been programmed with the grids, however if you will let us know what you will be using the crystal for, these can be programmed for you.


Wand Approx. 3" long
09601 - $20.00


Pyramid Approx. 2" diagonally
09602 - $20.00


Sphere Approx. 6" in circumference
09603 - $44.00


Sphere Approx. 4" in circumference
09608 - $27.00



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Quartz Crystal Pocket Angels

09605 - $12.00

The 1- inch pocket angels can be programmed with the individual field grid, or any grid of your choice and carried with you wherever you go. The crystal angels are a nice reminder that angels are always with us and it helps remind us to keep the grid in force around our fields.



Quartz Crystal Hearts

09606 - $15.00

The quartz crystal hearts are approximately 1_ inches tall and are easy to carry in a pocket or purse. They can be programmed with any of the grids. They also make a nice addition to an altar space in your home.



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Rose Quartz Crystal Sphere

09604 - $25.00

Rose Quartz is especially helpful for the emotional body. It radiates the energy of love and helps to gently open the heart chakra. These Rose Quartz spheres can also be programmed with any of the grids.