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To further support our animal companions through the rapid planetary and mutational transformations, we have created the Critter Elixirs. These will assist your pet to remain balanced. Put a few drops in their water dish or rub some on your hands and pet them.

Our pets are mutating too. They don't have the same mental screening mechanisms that we do. Therefore they see and sense parallel realities, astral entities, energy shifts and can become frightened, aggressive, sick, or disoriented. We have found that if our animals are frightened or disoriented a few drops of Divine Expression in their drinking water really helps.

If they are processing for you, or you need to move your home, a little Pathcutter in their water does wonders. If they are aggressive, squabbling, or you need to introduce a new animal to your home use Transpersonal Transformation and Co-Creation in their water. Try Serenity in any case or in combination with any other potion.

If they are mutating, Magnificence will clear up the symptoms. If your pet is in ill health, Heavenly Body combined with clear visualization of sparkling health will assist them. Universal Detox has been used as eye drops, ear drops, and in some pets' water to clear parasites, fungus and infection with good effect.

Use as eye and ear wash, or in the bath. Representatives of the Office of Divine Mother and the higher devic soul of the species infuse each Elixir.

There are seven different Critter Elixirs designed especially to ease and integrate the common mutations for that species. All of these elixirs have frequencies that assist your communication and connection with your animal companions. They also feed light to your animals' blueprints and cells, which assists their immune functioning.

Critter Elixirs are designed to assist your animal companion to handle the mutational changes in you and themselves. They are not meant to replace regular veterinary care or any therapies and medicines prescribed by your vet.

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