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Feline Frequencies Feline Frequencies

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Our cats run energy for us, sometimes, to the detriment of their own well being. They have full astral sight and they see parallels merging in. They chase and observe things that most of us cannot see. To your cat, you look like you are phasing in and out of the reality sometimes. This may cause your cat to cling to you or hide somewhere and refuse to come out. All cats hate change and it stresses them enormously.

This usually appears as sudden aggression, yowling, immune problems, feline urinary disease, and allergies (itching, runny eyes and nose, fur loss, lethargy, excessive vomiting). Mammals appear to be craving Light as a nutrient. They act like they are always hungry, yet nothing seems to suit them, or, they stop eating.

Feline Frequencies increases your cat's capacity to channel higher frequencies and drops their stress levels. It tunes up the cats' chakras, circuits, and blueprints and feeds Light into their system, as well as, increases their ability to absorb nutrients from their food. It discourages parasites and allergies, and balances their immune system. Put the elixir in their water, in their catnip, or rub some on your hands and pet your cat. It works very well as an eye or ear wash.


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