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FREEDOM ELIXIR Crystalline Co-Creation

- 01212 - $22.00


This potion was created to assist your co-creative communication with the devic consciousnesses of crystals and gems. It contains orientations for 5th and 6th dimensional access of information contained in all forms of recordkeepers: raised triangles, engraved triangles, trigonics, circles, time lines and time portals. This potion will help you to travel into the crystal through the diamond face, rainbow sheen, and dimensional gates. It increases your sensitivity to crystal programming. It also helps you to be aware of when your crystal needs to be cleaned.

Use the potion on your heart, your hands, under the tongue, or rub it into the crystal. Experiment with them to see which applications work best for you. FYI: to work with a crystal higher dimensionally you must access it through your heart, not your third eye.

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