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Angelic Outreach Potions


- 01008 - $22.00

This potion assists in the integration of multi-species, multi-Universal encodements in the DNA. These genetic encodements have already been activated and the multi-universal orientations are beginning to open and manifest.

E-3 assists you to integrate extra-terrestrial perceptivities and orientations into your humanness (and on a vaster scale into the hologram for life on planet Earth). It allows your mental body to follow Spirit with ease, open its closed systems and integrate a vaster sense of identity. It fosters a sense of interconnectedness within the universe and an awareness of yourself in other species on other ascending planets within and without the Love-universe. This allows you to cognate what is essentially "you" beyond the human cultural context.

It softens human-centrism and xenophobia, allowing you to access new brain functions and non-human perceptivities and skills. You become a coordination point for the ascension across multiple universal systems, multiple planets, multiple species types, and truly manifest your essential nature through your human form.


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