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- 01211 - $22.00

This potion assists in accessing that part of your energy field that knows how to screen out unwanted psychic/astral energies.

Helps turn your own energy field into a safe haven - a shelter from life's storms. All of us have the ability to screen these energies out of our fields, but we just need a reminder of what that frequency feels like.

It is especially helpful to use this when you are going to be in crowds, or any situation that in the past has left you feeling drained because of the energies coming into your fields Use this in addition to any of the other techniques that you use for protection of your energy field. This potion has the effect of a semi-permeable shield - so that you are screening out undesirable energies - and allowing in energies of love, healing, peace etc.

When you use this potion - you may wish to set your intent as to what energies you want to allow into your fields. Carry this with you for unexpected situations where you feel the need to amplify the protective ability of your energy field.


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