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- 01208 - $22.00

As we move into 11th level Lightbody, time begins to speed up until it reaches the point where it becomes simultaneous. You may find yourself moving in and out of feeling that you are everywhere at once - and then back again into linear time.

The intensity of parallel mergers continues to escalate as we move into this level of Lightbody. In this level of Lightbody, you are manifesting your part of the divine plan - creating your vision of Heaven on Earth and fully expressing your Spirit.

Simultaneity assists all the bodies to adjust to parallel mergers, the changes in time and helps bring in your vision of Heaven on Earth. This potion is brought to you by: Angels Azrael, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Master Kwan Yin, Overlighting Deva of Sentient Physical Body and the Takh Continuum.


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