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Angelic Outreach Potions


- 01029 - $22.00

Designed under the auspices of Grace and Purity Elohim, with assistance from the Ze'Or. It allows the bodies to let go of resistance to change, cuts addiction, brings up vitality, helps you feel nurtured, balances yin/yang, promotes change without denial, and fosters a new vision of health.

It clears toxins to the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies such as: destructive thoughts and emotions, E.L.F. waves, microwaves, boogies, cords, vows, past decisions about health, process addiction, 4-D distortions, and other people's pictures. It clears toxic residues from the etheric blueprints.

Universal Detox should be used very sparingly, and may be used in conjunction with a good physical detoxification program.


How to use the potions...