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Do you have particular energies you would like to see infused into a potion just for you? Are you working through relationship, work, health, abundance, ego or other issues that seem to have you stumped? Wondering what your Divine purpose is and how best to manifest it here? Ready to move forward - just not positive about the next step?

The Council of Ein Soph will infuse a potion just for you - the bottle will be individually labeled with your name and the energetic name of your potion.

You may order the potion online, however, prior to the infusion, please call us to talk about the details - this requires scheduling a short one-on-one session with J.J. Wilson - call 303-326-0924.

(The session is included in the price of the potion.)


How to use the potions...


Please about your personalized Potion!




"The infusion the Council and you created for me is working beautifully.

I am now in my thirteenth day of not smoking. I have had some crazy experiences , like a car I just bought dying in the desert on the way home, litigations with contractors, old traffic violation from 2002, etc... - many things come up and I still haven't smoked a cigarette.

You, my lady, are a blessing to all."

With love, Michele


I can't thank you enough for the amazing work you do! I ordered 2 personalized potions in the last 3 months and I couldn't be more happy with the results... and more :)

Talking to you on the phone was like speaking to an old friend. We talked about what I was looking for in my life, and you made it so easy! All I had to do was ask for what I wanted (easier then ordering at a restaurant:) and the next thing I knew... the package was at my front door. I followed the instructions and Voila! I lost weight and I met a really nice guy! It happened so fast! (the weight loss is still ongoing and so is the relationship!) Very Magical ! !

The 2nd potion was just as powerful. It has brought me to a new place in my life. I feel that I have connected with myself on a higher level and I see myself in a new light. I am more beautiful ! It is possible to manifest what you want; and through your personalized potions my dreams have become real. The potions are powerful and you can FEEL them working. It is true that every cell of your body responds to this work. I appreciate the rejuvenation and new energy that has come into my life. As your website says "Evolve with Ease and Grace" No kidding... why in the world would you choose otherwise! It's all cellular... a No brainer! ;)

Thanks again to you and the Council of Ein Soph!"

~ Lucy Wynnewood, PA


"I just received my order and I just love it, love it, love it and after 2 days have seen changes from the potions and growth from the tapes."

~ Sandy Y
Petaluma CA