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Suggestions about how to use the potions


1) Seven drops under the tongue three times a day, or as directed by Spirit.

2) Place a few drops onto the crown chakra (or any other chakra) and rub it in. We have found this to be a particularly good method of bringing the vibrational effects into the body.

3) Place a few drops in your favorite beverage!

4) Use in your environment.

a. Walk the perimeter of a room releasing drops every few feet.
b. Place drops in the corners of a room.
c. Place drops in water (preferably distilled water) and use as a mist in an atomizer, spray bottle or even your humidifier. You can mist your plants, animals or your own body.
d. Place a few drops on a bell, gong or chime and then ring the bell to resonate the vibration throughout the room.
e. Place drops on any kind of amplification grid.

5) Use with your animals.


Our pets are mutating too. They don't have the same mental screening mechanisms that we do. Therefore they see and sense parallel realities, astral entities, energy shifts and can become frightened, aggressive, sick, or disoriented. We have found that if our animals are frightened or disoriented a few drops of Divine Expression in their drinking water really helps. If they are processing for you, or you need to move your home, a little Pathcutter in their water does wonders. If they are aggressive, squabbling, or you need to introduce a new animal to your home use Transpersonal Transformation and Co-Creation in their water. Try Serenity in any case or in combination with any other potion. If they are mutating, Magnificence will clear up the symptoms. If your pet is in ill health, Heavenly Body combined with clear visualization of sparkling health will assist them. Universal Detox has been used as eye drops, ear drops, and in some pets' water to clear parasites, fungus and infection with good effect.

All of the potions described here are for spiritual use only. These are not medicines and no medicinal use is suggested.

All potions come in ounce bottles.


Specific Uses By Potion


Heavenly Body

Add a couple drops to your shampoo, liquid cleansers, astringents, body lotions or bath.

Caution: Heavenly Body is a manifestation potion - it will give you more of what you focus on and make "REAL". So, be aware of what you are making "REAL" about your physical body when you are taking this.

For athletes, martial artists etc: place a few drops on your equipment at the points of physical contact (e.g. the grip of a tennis racquet). The equipment or instrument will show you its natural movement. This enables you to feel comfortable learning a new skill or honing an ability. It will all feel somehow familiar and you will naturally attune to the perfect motion.

For those changing their diet for health, appearance or experimentation, one drop of Heavenly Body on your food or in a drink will help you discern the effects on your body of what you are ingesting, so that you can either change what you eat or change its effect on your body. When taking supplements with water, place one drop in your water for the same effect.



If you are in a descension, try rubbing it onto your feet. It will help the energy to come all the way into your body. Massage into aching joints. For all-over mutational discomfort, place a few drops in bath water and soak your cares away!



Pathcutter should only be used when you are already releasing and cutting a pathway through the human genetic consciousness. Otherwise, it will throw you into processing from your physical body. We have found that if a part of your physical body is holding onto an energy, Pathcutter applied directly to that area and rubbed into the skin helps the body let go of the energy.

We've also found Pathcutter to be helpful just before a Karmic Matrix Removal and for two weeks afterward. Pathcutter breaks your resistance to releasing or expressing an energy. It takes you to the state of "Spirit, require of me - whatever it takes!"


Quantum Wealth

Place a few drops on your checkbook, wallet, pockets, purse, etc. Definitely a good one to place in your environment as well as your body. It is capable of allowing you to open to Universal Flow in ways you have not thought possible. One of the first things Quantum Wealth may do is show you places where you are blocking flow or seeing lack in your life. Just see this as information and don't make it "REAL". Allow Quantum Wealth to remove the blocks and continue to focus on the abundance you have in your life.


Service One-on-One

For those practitioners who wash their hands between clients, a drop of this potion on each hand is a nice way to shift your energy. A few drops in your beverage while working with clients helps keep all your wiring and channels open and helps keep you transpersonal.


Universal Detox



Home Sweet Home Enviropack

The Home Sweet Home Enviropack is for energetically cleaning your home, office or any space that may be a bit stale, dreary, depressing or even downright creepy. You can adjust the strength of solution to address the intensity of the energy present.

You can use Cleanse and Seal anytime. They can be taken internally - use Cleanse first followed by Seal. Great used with the Entity Release and Grid Techniques. Cleanse is designed to clear out old thought-forms, emotions, astral residue, boogies and generally old energy. Using Cleanse and Seal will help maintain harmony and unity among your bodies and clear communication with Spirit.

Or you can spray your environment. Just keep two bottles on hand - one for Cleanse and one for Seal. Use 2-7 drops in each bottle with distilled water and spray the area - first with Cleanse and then with Seal.

Spray your whole house with Cleanse first. In particular spray all doors and windows, mirrors, the ceiling, floor, corners and don't forget the closets! If you adjust your spray bottle to "stream" you can incorporate sacred symbols into the process by drawing symbols onto the ceiling, floor, mirrors, windows, balconies, etc. As you walk around the space use the Entity Release.

Now spray all the same places with Seal. This time grid and invoke whatever energies you want into the grids. We suggest the Elohim of Peace, Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Victory and Harmony as well as Elohim of the colored Rays you resonate with.

These are basic instructions. This process can be done as high magic ritual or just light maintenance depending upon your focus, intent and the elements you include in the process. Be creative and use strong intent.

You can set specific grid energies for your space. Just remember what energies you've set up because they will affect people. If others feel uncomfortable in your space, you may need to adjust the grids you've set up.