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A New Octave of Light

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Angelic View 2013

A New Octave of Light

Overseen by:
Peace Elohim / Love Elohim / Rapture Elohim S'eorlah Takh / S'aperah Takh / S'olatz-yah Takh

I don’t know for certain why they decided to hold off on releasing the Angelic View 2013 until now.  Usually, the Council withholds information because it could interfere with our choices as Masters. ~Zaz

This is the Angelic View from the members of the Council of Ein Soph through Zarazaiel Yovel.  We are calling this year ‘A New Octave of Light’.  This is a year under the Flame of Love-as-Sanctification.  From this year onward all three Elohim and all three Takh Continuum Ophanim associated with a specific Flame of Love will be overseeing and stabilizing the energies of each year. 

First, a little recent history:  A multi-council decision was made to lay a new parallel reality into this hologram.  On November 11th, 2011 a parallel reality was emanated into the hologram directly from Spirit. We are calling it the Reality of Kiddushin (Sanctification, Blessing).  You are incarnated in at least two parallel realities: the Parallel of Spirit and in the Reality of Kiddushin. You are creating a dynamic tension that encourages the choice to step out of the karma game. You are literally assisting a step from one reality to another. How to do that step is being taught to every one of you in the dream state. You are practicing to take other people with you.

2012 was the Year of the Great Decision.  By December 21st every soul had a vote as to when the planet should do her final ascension.  We had hoped that consensus would be to ascend within the 1st three months of 2013.  The vote did not go that way.  The decision was to carry this out for another nine years: 2021. 

The decision to extend the time for the final ascension has activated the contingency plan of two controlled parallel reality splits.  This is where everything that is Light enough to ascend is split off. The first parallel split has already occurred in the Parallel of Spirit on the Vernal Equinox.  It has merged into the Reality of Kiddushin. Next there will be a controlled split off from Reality of Kiddushin. It looks like this will occur sometime between now and Summer Solstice.  The new parallel will fully ascend out of the hologram by the end of the year.

We have been through two controlled parallel reality splits before, one on October 15, 1990 and between September 11th- 17th in 2001.  With both of these splits almost everyone’s Lightbody level was turned back and etheric crystals were re-implanted.  This was to soften the trauma of the splits. This time the Lightbody levels will not be changed and the etheric crystals will not be reinstated.  Hopefully, all the Lightworkers will remain conscious through the process. Tachi-ren was conscious through the first one and Aliyah was conscious through the second.  Neither had their Lightbody levels changed nor were their crystals returned.  This was not pleasant for the part of them that remained in the pre-existing reality, but it was manageable.

You may have noticed that everything feels like it is Lightening and densifying at the same time.  This is the natural preparation for a controlled parallel split. Keep your consciousness focused on your vision of Heaven on Earth.  Don’t let yourself get caught in the densification by trying to heal, fix, and save everything.  Catch yourself when you want to hate, blame or denigrate something.  Catch yourself when you want to defend by feeling spiritually superior to others.  These all mean that you are caught in the illusion of being separate from Source.  Everyone is a Master no matter how asleep they may seem. Everyone is Sovereign in their reality even if their reality does not look like Heaven to you.  They are in the hands of their own Spirits. See them and the planet as whole and perfect Now.  There will be many dramas, conspiracies, politics, and cruelties to be distracted by.  Yes, it is real in someone’s reality, but does it look like Heaven to you?  If not, WITHDRAW YOUR ATTENTION.  All that manifest illusion looks very Real and Important.  It is simply not valuable to you as an effecting Lightworker.  Choose what to participate with as Real and the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your vision.

About 70% of Lightworkers contracts are up for renewal/reevaluation. Usually, the incarnated soul has three choices at this point: let the body go ahead and die, have Spirit negotiate a walk-out, or re-contract the life, which is called Reincarnation in the Same Body.  With the coming controlled parallel split there is a fourth choice: ascend out with the new parallel and leave this one behind.  In the past, the vast majority of Lightworkers left with the new parallel AND remained in the old one.  That is why it can feel traumatic.  Follow your Spirit as to what choice would be your Next Highest Step and most effective service.

If you find that you have been cleaning your house/workplace/body and evaluating everything, your contract may be up.  You may find yourself giving away objects or completing with people in your life.  This is accompanied by a feeling of being ‘done’.  You may feel very tired or disheartened. Often, there is depression or lack of resilience.  You may find that you are losing time, such as sitting down for 5 minutes and discover that four hours have gone by.  You may feel like someone is hanging around you.  These last two symptoms are classic for preparing a walk-out/walk-in.

You will be asked to constantly transform whether your contract is up or not, and it doesn't have to be a struggle. Keep yourself open to all possibilities. Remind the body that mutating can be simple.  A difficult mutation doesn't make it more profound.  

This next part is mostly reiterated from the 2012 Angelic View.  It is important to remember.  New stuff has asterisks in parentheses.

When nothing is working and you have no energy there are two possible reasons.  This signals a possible drop in the spiritual signature.  It could be that your Spirit is re-directing you. Stop doing whatever you're doing when it isn't working out.  The other possibility is that you have slid in across or between parallels.  The way to recognize this possibility (besides nothing working and being exhausted) is a feeling of being ungrounded.  You also may feel like you’re floating or dizzy and have difficulty putting thoughts into words. (***Your contract being up for evaluation is a third possible reason for all of this.) 

When the going gets tough, the Master stops and looks to what Spirit is redirecting. Unify and ask for your next highest step.  Do the first thing that comes to you.

If you are sliding across parallels, or feel like you are stuck in the wrong parallel reality, there are two things that you can do about it.  First, unify putting the twelve lines of Light from the Omega chakra into the hologram.  Center.  Now retract the lines back up to the Omega and say, “I walk in the Reality of Kiddushin.”  Now, with a sharp exhale of breath, put the lines back down into the hologram hard.  This will usually center you back to the parallel that you want to be in. 

The other method involves your Holy of Holies in the heart.  Your holy space exists within the Inner Planes across the entire holographic grid of incarnations.  In other words, if you drop into the heart in any of your incarnations, you are in the same Holy of Holies.  Drop in and place your hands on the altar.  Stabilize.  Then say, “Bring me into the Reality of Kiddushin.” Then come back out of your heart and you should be in the correct location.   Try to be very aware of slipping.   Be actively conscious of your surroundings.  If you have no energy and nothing is working, do these techniques immediately. 

(***We have created a new bracelet and potion called “Wings Around the Planet.”  Seraphaiel has created a new oil called “Radiance’.  Order the bracelet from Zarazaiel and order the potion and oil from Alchemical Mage.  They help to keep you unified and stabile in the Reality of Kiddushin.)

As you open into the multi-reality consciousness of the Oversoul you need to become comfortable with discontinuity.  Your brain and mental body have been screening it all out.  You may literally have different memories about an event than your spouse.  You are both correct so don’t get into a fight about it.  Laugh and understand that it is just parallel discontinuity revealing itself.  Notice the discontinuity but don’t become fascinated by it. Keep your focus on following Spirit with each breath and each step.  Focus on the next highest step into Heaven on Earth.   In all practicality this is all that works.  Everything else is just a distraction.  Just take the next step.  We will be there to take it with you.  

(***There is a very high probability that we will see zero point and a reversal of the magnetic poles before the end of this year. This along with strong coronal mass ejections from the sun will keep the energies very stirred up.)

Your brains, nervous systems and consciousness tend to function in a polarized fashion. You are used to thinking in polarities: good/evil, male/female, light/dark etc.  It is part of the illusion of this game.  This will be changing as more non-polarized light pour into the planet. Allow the polarized thinking to fall away.  

You have two circuits in your brain that are designed to handle non-polarized Light.   Headaches are very common as your system mutates to handle the new frequencies.  You can work with activating these circuits yourself.

  • Place two fingers in the ajna center between the eyebrows
  • Place two fingers on the jade pillow (the hollow at the center base of the skull.)
  • Feel a laser-like Light moving between these two points through the brain.
  • Pulse Light front to back while chanting, “Abba Nartoomid”.
  • Chant this until you feel the laser begin to spiral.
  • Pulse Light back to front while chanting, “Shekhina Esh”.
  • Chant this until you feel the laser begin to spiral.
  • Now alternate the pulses and chants: “Abba Nartoomid-Shekhina Esh.”
  • You will feel the laser split in two, moving in opposite directions through the center of the brain between the ajna center and jade pillow.
  • The Abba Nartoomid circuit will flow front to back, then emerge from the jade pillow and encircle the left side of the head and reenter through the ajna center.
  • The Shekhina Esh circuit will flow back to front, then emerge from the ajna center, encircle the right side of the head, and reenter at the jade pillow.
  • Keep this up until both circuits feel like they are steady and smooth, flowing continuously.

We will be here to help you through the magnetic changes you will be undergoing.  Just ask.

Victory Elohim oversees all divine programs across all universes and realities. He assists all of the Councils and Offices with the manifestation of their programs.  The overall Lightwork this year involves the integration of new Divine Programs into the hologram. As new parts of your vision of Heaven on Earth reveal themselves, ask Victory to assist in their manifestation. 

(***Grace Elohim creates a complete break with the past and a fresh start in each Now moment.  She looks like iridescent snow falling in spirals.  Everything goes easier with Grace.  Call her into your body and every part of your life.  She is also the energy of Gratitude. 

As the frequencies of the planet become more and more fourth dimensional it is very important that you stop bitching about things.  If you bitch about your car, you are likely to lose your car because the universe will rearrange itself to accommodate you.  Thousands of parallel realities are merging and things that are unappreciated will disappear. It is difficult for third dimensional objects to remain in your 4-D reality without them being attuned to you through gratitude.

The Force of Grace can assist you to keep your possessions. Walk through your home and touch your possessions. 
Bless them.  Give thanks for the use and enjoyment of them. 
Hug your animal companions and your friends and loved ones. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them. 
Bless them. Give thanks for them.
Allow yourself to be filled with gratitude and joy.  Do not worry and fear for the world.  Make it holy through your blessing of its richness, bounty, and beauty.  Learn to be grateful for what has yet to manifest.  It will bring it into your reality.  Know that the Earth is a perfect servant to the Will of God with total Faith in the Promise of her ascension.  Bless God while you are at it.  When you bless The Source of All Blessing, you complete a circuit of Divine Flow and enter into a relationship of co-creation with God.)

As the old world falls away know that everything is happening by Divine Design.  Allow the structures of the old world to fall away. Let it go when it is no longer needed.  Allow it to integrate and evolve into new structures when it is necessary.  

Through it all, follow your Spirit with each breath and each step.  Stay firmly focused on Heaven on Earth. If it does not look like Heaven to you withdraw your attention and energy from it.  Remember that every time someone chooses Heaven it changes the entire hologram.  Look for the Light everywhere and strive to find humor in everything.  Accept that every single part of you is part of God.  Accept that every part of everyone else is part of God, too.  Accept that the old world must fall apart and that it is part of the Divine Plan.  New institutions and structures are ready to come into manifestation. There is nothing that is not part of All That Is.  When you accept this, everything transforms rapidly.  Remember you are holy and you are whole.  

We thank you for your service,
The Council of Ein Soph

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