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Higher Octave Elixir Set


Higher Octave - Elixirs for Integrating the Waves of Metatron

02003 - $66.00


The unfurling of the Heavenly Merkavah of the Ein Soph is stimulating changes in not only your body but in the very structure of matter itself. Shifts in the octaves of the Metatronic electrical, magnetic, and gravitational Waves moving through your body are causing a recapitulation of the Lightbody mutational levels beyond previously expected frequencies*.

This higher octave has twelve levels or tones within it. There are three elixirs in this set, one for the higher octave of each of the three Metatronic Waves. Each elixir alleviates the clusters of mutational symptoms that are associated with that Wave. By rapidly integrating all physical, astral, and etheric structures with the octave level of a single Wave, the elixir softens the uncomfortable side effects while enhancing the Graceful integration of new multi-dimensional and multi-reality perceptions and abilities. This set of elixirs is infused by Ariel, Metatron, Quan Yin, Tachi-ren, ZeäOr Continuum, and Takh Continuum.

*For more information about these mutational changes see the Easing into Eternity: Managing Mutation for Graceful Transformation audio tape set or the new edition of What is Lightbody published by New Leaf.


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