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Welcome to Planet Earth – Survival Kit


02011 - $105.00


This set is intended to assist in the release of Separation energies, and to open access to the energy of Oneness and Unity. We are all part of Source. As we begin to realize that at a cellular level, we begin to live Heaven on Earth. Many of us have come to Planet Earth at this exciting time to assist with the process of creating Heaven here. If we allow the experience of Separation to create in us the desire to escape the Planet, we lose focus and forget why we are here. We are here to embrace and transform this planet, this dimension, and even this Universe. Creating Heaven on Earth is about bringing Divinity, Sovereignty and Mastery here – so that each of us can live in Unity, Co-Creation and fully express our Wholeness.


Releasing Shame Potion – Shame is the being state of Separation from the Love of God. It is a soul shattering feeling of "I am not God." Shame can become so overwhelming that we project it onto others as Hatred, “You are not God." We Hate about others what we experience as 'un-Godly' and unlovable in ourselves. You would do anything to escape the pain of this being state. This orientation creates a denial mechanism of Spiritual Significance, "I’m God, and you’re not." "Why did you create that? If you were more spiritually evolved these things wouldn't happen to you."

Releasing Guilt Potion – Guilt is the being state of Separation from the Will of God. It is the feeling that "I’ve done something cosmically wrong." It out-pictures as Blame, "You’ve done something cosmically wrong." We are OK, but others are “not good enough”. Instead of everything being our fault – everything becomes the fault of someone else. Its Mental Body denial is Spiritual Ambition, “If you would get with my program, we could live Heaven on Earth. It’s your fault that I’m not happy."

Releasing Doubt Potion – Doubt is the being state of Separation from the Truth of God. This is not the big and little doubts that we live with everyday. It is a paralyzing feeling of "I know absolutely nothing." Doubt projects Denigration onto others, "You know absolutely nothing." This Denigration is often vicious and constant. We hide and deny Doubt and Denigration with the arrogance of Spiritual Authority, "I know it all, and you know absolutely nothing. You have nothing of value to contribute. I am the Master and you are not."

Releasing Fear of Abandonment / Separation – When we play the Shame, Guilt, Doubt game, we lose the ability to love others and ourselves. If we are truly as unlovable as we feel, then why would anyone else want us? Even when someone does not abandon us, we carry the feeling that they will. Fear of loss can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many times this will create the very behaviors and energies in others that we most fear. We make ourselves “wrong, not good enough, not smart enough.” Carrying this energy in our fields creates the negative telepathic image that we have of ourselves. Everyone around us reflects that image back to us, often unconsciously. Negative telepathic images bounce back and forth among us, amplifying the distortions like carnival funhouse mirrors. When we internalize Shame, Guilt and Doubt, we try to hide it from God and other people. We fracture parts of our Wholeness away from our Spirit. Much of who we are cannot rise to the surface to share its Light with the Planet. We came here to play, and transcend, a game of Separation. We came from Oneness, and created a world of illusion where we could experience that we are Separate from Source and each other. God is not rejecting or punishing us, and certainly has not abandoned us here. Heaven on Earth begins when we awaken from the Illusion of Separation.


Forgiveness Potion – When we are able to forgive others, and most importantly ourselves, we release the final barriers and blocks that remain from carrying energies of Shame, Guilt, Doubt and abandonment. The ability to forgive is absolutely necessary at a core level. Being fully conscious and present with the Separation, then creating an opening for Forgiveness, is the way we get back to Oneness. Many of the karmic monads that exist on this planet are released once we can actually bring the energy of Forgiveness into our core. One karmic monad is called Victim/Victimizer. First we forgive ourselves for being victims, and others for victimizing us. Then, we must also forgive ourselves for when we were the abuser, and forgive our victims for evoking and allowing our abuse. When we have forgiven all aspects of the monad, how can it remain in our reality? This applies to other monads as well. So many of us still carry around the energies of the Separation Orientations, as well as, fear of abandonment from our childhood. We need to release the concept that where we are, and what we are accepting as our reality, is somebody’s “fault”. Once that happens and we truly understand that we made a conscious decision to come here to experience Separation, we can move ourselves, and the planet, back into Oneness. This is why we came here.


Unity Potion – carries the frequency of Oneness, so we can begin to remember the energy of the One that we Are. As we find Unity with the Love of God, we open into our own Divinity. We find that we are overflowing with Love for everything, and our hearts are at Peace with all creation. When we find Unity with the Will of God, we remember, and allow that we are all Sovereign in our own reality. We easily follow our Spirits in service to the Co-creation of Heaven on Earth. When we find Unity with the Truth of God, we see ourselves and others as vast multi-dimensional Masters. New levels of Authenticity emerge as we freely express our Spirits. We delight in the expression and revelation of Spirit through every part of our Wholeness. When we forget that we are all One, it creates fear of anything we perceive as different from us. Remembering that everything here is really just other facets of our Wholeness, frees us to be fully Present in each Now moment. After all, exactly what part of All-That-Is can be excluded from All-That-Is?


Welcome to Planet Earth Survival Kit must be purchased as a set - however if you need replacements for individual elixirs in this set order:

02011 - $105.00

Replacement for Releasing Shame Potion 02110-$22
Replacement for Releasing Guilt Potion 02111-$22
Replacement for Releasing Doubt Potion 02112-$22
Replacement for Releasing Fear of Abandonment/Separation 02113-$22
Replacement for Forgiveness Potion 02114-$22
Replacement for Unity Potion 02115-$22