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Hi JJ, Just wanted to let you know how much my sister and I enjoyed your 2 day Mastery Workshop. We both learned so much about ourselves in those 2 days! We have both ordered the What is Lightbody Book and love saying all the invocations in the book. You have truly changed our lives for the better! Thank you for an enlightening 2 days!

With Love and Grace, Deb and Linda

I recently had a session with J.J. Wilson, my first. I have been working with the What is Light Body? text seriosly since Feb. 2009, though I'd had it for 2 years.
My experience with JJ and her perceptions were very accurate.
As we started to work together I found my self opening to the energy of a higher dimension(s) at an incredibly fast rate. JJ helped identify and break vows I had made, open my heart chakra, and remove a helmet that I had created to tone down my perceptions and intuitions as they had made people very uncofortable since childhood.
I am a teacher and she validated and encouraged me in the direction that I have been going--to bring light, create a safe place, and to give the idea that we all create our own reality.
I'm so excited about what I am doing and becoming and what I can do.
JJ is an incredible guide and gives one faith to keep striving for the ultimate goal, communication with spirit. I thank her and all the sources of guidance with us at this time. There are many!


It has been ??? since I did my first session with Seraphaiel. I think it must have been in Feb? We discovered that my heart chakra was closed. The session itself was so powerful and moving. And my life has been so different since then and JJ said so - she said that she felt that I had closed my heart to a lot good that was to come into my life. I cannot tell you the blessings that have come in since then, the experiences, the ideas (inspiration), the joys, the laughters, the sparkling life that has flowed back into me that at one point I did wonder where did that bouncy happy girl go?
And new people, new things are coming that accepting of the brightness of who I truly am. I just recently took myself on vacation in solitude up to the Mountains and had a blast! Can you imagine I was on my own and I had the time of my life - and I had such beautiful adventures too! And it has only been like... 2 months, maybe? Check back again in 2 years?


"I would like to tell you that our session together was pivotal in getting me 'back on the tracks.' Thanks for your patient and gentle support, and your 'cut through the crap' insights. Wonderful, wonderful!"

Thanks, and blessings to you,
Isaac George

Hi, I wanted to write and let everyone know how powerful her sessions and individual potions are. The session was fantiastic! JJ provides for your transformational pleasure in co-creation divine space, insight, guidance,and understanding. One of the problems that I have experienced all my life, is not feeling like I was a participant in life, I've always felt like an outsider looking in. With JJ's work, we came up with a couple of vow's that where majorly affecting my life. Since then, I've seen sub-vows that I've also cleared. With this work, I AM participating in life and more people are coming into my life, it is soooo exciting. I've also been using JJ's personal potions, I can feel the potion working after I've ordered it, things start to change. The potions work with my intent and once I've made my order to JJ and the universe, it all starts rearranging itself starting then! Once I get the potion, wow! You can feel the energy in them! What a loving way to design your life!!!

Thanks so much JJ!!!
Love, light and Joyful playfulness!
~ Teresa Culbertson

Your potions.oils are the best. I have been using flower essences for a long time but these are a cut above. Thank you for your excellent program.

When I use the Universal Detox and the Pathcutter, I can literally feel the "stuff" streaming off my bodies. I love those two although as you say, use carefully and be willing to let go of stuff. Also, I have been involved with Light Language for some time now and now when I take your Mystical Articulation and Magnificence before I listen to the Light Language I notice it helps. I receive it easier and more powerfully.

Thank you for your excellent product. I will be recommending it to my students.

Michele S.

"I am delighted with my "discovery" of your website and the potions/tools.
Indeed, I have experienced changes since employing the tools and potions.
My dear friend and companion cat, Simon, truly LOVES the "kitty frequencies" - he begs for them and laps them from the dropper!"

Patricia B
Scottsdale AZ

"I have been taking the Love potion and I do react well to it. It's amazing but I do feel more Love than before. I'm one of many who is in the midst of this change. Frankly speaking, until about 2 years ago I thought that this Lightbody process has absolutely nothing to do with me. That this was something for the very advanced spiritual people. Well, I turned out to be wrong. Its incredible how things suddenly changed. People and "energies" popped into my life and here I am...I feel frequencies etc. and I'm much more open."


"I just received my order and I just love it, love it, love it and after 2 days have seen changes from the potions and growth from the tapes."

Sandy Y
Petaluma CA

"I have been using the potions for over 3 years now after being "guided" to purchase a full set. I have had results from "Blowing my socks off and leaving my toes smoking!" to similar feelings I get from taking a multiple vitamin in the morning. I have used them during individual sessions that I give and during classes that I teach.

I think and feel what is most important is that if a particular potion or combination is your next highest step for your "now point" you may have an incredible experience that leaves you expanded, in awe and very grateful for them. I have also found them to be especially helpful with the multiple shifting energies being showered on us from the Sun (geomagnetic shifts) right now. When doing individual or group work I find them extremely valuable, again depending on my current state of beingness and current energetic needs or those of the clients I am working with.

Having a complete set is a real blessing because it allows for the ebb and flow ones energetic needs, like being able to use exactly the right tool when you need it rather than trying to make something work that is not really designed to do what you need at the moment. I have seen remarkable recoveries from some pretty severe physically manifesting symptoms using the potions. All in all I highly recommend them and know they just keep getting better and better and are an investment that pays off in many many ways!

Mount Shasta CA

"..the significant difference I believed the Mysterium Oils were creating in my environment and myself as I used them. I most frequently use Sanctity, Glory and Magnificence. And I have used all of them. A bigger sense of love and radiance has been present for me, and it is noticeable in the work environment big time. I train, and I do a lot of work internationally - and it's been remarkable."

Sara M
Norwalk CT

"I received the CD The Crystal Capstone on Monday. Full moon,
I'm so happy with it, thank you so much. It makes my heart singing."

Yvonne B.

"I am sure that many or all of your customers said this; your products are really wonderful!

I appreciate all the great support that you and your company are providing through them."

Hiroko N.