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Little Glossary


Adam Kadmon
The Adam Kadmon is the Divine Image & Similitude. It is the blueprint for the highest expression of a given species type. Think of it as an integrated lightbody in physical form. See Adam Kadmon Potion - which helps bring latent Divine Structures in the bodies into manifestation. Nice complement to Merkabah work as well.


Divine Essence
Divine Essence is what you essentially ARE, no matter what form you take, on what dimension. It is who you are from the point your energy individuated from Source. It remains a constant "signature energy", no matter what dimension you are on or what species body type you take.


Divine Function
Your Divine Function is more than a "job description". It's how you carry out your part of Divine Plan. Like Divine Essence, it is a constant, from the point your energy individuated from Source. No matter what your Spirit does, it will do so by means of its Function. So if you are, say, a Flow Director, your Spirit always fulfills its part of Divine Plan by setting up grids for the flow of energy, and planning and observing how energy flows in any given situation.


Flames of Love
The Flames of Love--Love-As-Purifier, Love-As-Requirer, Love-As-Redeemer, and Love-As-Sanctifier are part of the Wings of the Phoenyx of Yah. When a practitioner is said to carry one (or more) of these Flames, it means that s/he carries that as part of his/her being. The Flames activate and stimulate the fields of those around them with the energy in question.


Soul Rotation
An individual Soul has several facets or tracks of experience. These facets do not usually know about each other. In a Soul Rotation, one of these other tracks is rotated into the body. This can be ecstatic if the facet is, say, a Christed aspect (this is the most common) or terrifying if the new facet is more asleep than the old one (this is always for a specific purpose such as cutting a pathway into the human genetic code and is usually temporary). Once again, there is often confusion about whether this is a walk-in.